***Thanks for your overwhelming support! All our audition slots are full!***

A Little Dream seeks to move, inspire and engage our audience with the magic of live music. A professional live band comprising more than 20 versatile singers, emcees, songwriters and musicians, A Little Dream performed at over 650 weddings, corporate functions and events from 2006 – 2009.

For the first time, we’re opening our doors to anyone who has a passion for singing and who’s willing to take up the challenge of performing live. If you interested to find out more, read on…

You love to sing in front of a crowd. You’re a versatile and experienced performer, able to handle songs from different genres, and host in more than one language. You particularly enjoy singing at weddings, and being able to touch and move the audience with the power of your voice.

If you think the above describes you perfectly, please write to us at alittledreamwedding@gmail.com to arrange for an audition on 7 June 09. Do include the following information:

(a) Name, e-mail address, contact number
(b) Brief account of your performing experience, and why you would like to audition for us
(c) Clip/YouTube videos/Website of your singing (if available)

There are limited audition slots, so please send us an e-mail now!