Hello everyone,

I know it’s a bit strange to have a concert half a year after my album was launched. Hmm. The story goes that I approached the UCC (University Cultural Centre) people in the early part of the year, and apparently they had arranged for programmes in March and April already, and in May it’s the exams, and June and July are the holidays. So, August it has to be.

Perhaps it’s a good thing. After the school shows, radio interviews/shows, reviews etc, it should all end well with a presentable concert, @ UCC! For people who have been asking me about a proper sit-down concert with album sales and autograph session, here it is! If you miss this, I don’t have any idea when the next one will be, seriously.

NUS is my alma mater, and it really feels good to be back there to perform 🙂

So my all-time great music partner Tienyao will be joining me too! Other than providing guitar and harmonica accompaniment for the songs in my album, he will also be delivering his original songs. We will be showcasing our new songs as well! My friends Shawn Kok, Lim Hui, James Yeo and Jason Widjaja will also be helping out with their weapons – percussion, violins, piano and bass.

On top of that, you can get a sneak preview of “No problem”, a single by singer-songwriter Yet Dunhong, who will be launching his full-length album in September.

It’s gonna be relaxing, casual; we’ll share the inspirations behind our original works. And hey, we’ll do covers as well! Just RSVP and tell us what covers you wanna hear. We’re still open to suggestions!

You are welcome to join us if you are free that evening, It is entirely FOC, well except:

1. Pay for the transport to NUS UCC

2. Spare the time to be there early and grab a seat because it’s free-seating. Tickets are available from 7pm at the ticketing counter.

3. Bring $13.90 to buy a copy (or 2) of my album if you do not have 1 yet.

See you there on 13 Aug 08!

N.B. Banter will be in mixture of Mandarin and English.