Bevlyn’s thoughts: You Are My Angel

Photo courtesy of Vividshot Photography

I am most blessed, to be able to record another album after the EP album I’d released in 2008. This is all made possible because I’m now under the wings of S2S, a Japanese record label which specialises in audiophile music, and I’m truly very happy to be part of this family since last November. We got into action quickly to put together a 2-CD album, which incorporates the 6 tracks from my EP album. I can only say I’m humbled by the help from so many super talented musicians, and the mastering which was done in Japan!

Mostly classics rearranged with a jazz spin, I hope you’ll enjoy the music. Do feel free to preview the songs at MySpace, Reverbnation, or at my blog. The album is now available at HMV, That CD Shop, Gramophone, Sembawang Music, MJ Multimedia, CD Plus, New Village, Roxy Disc, Ears, and Chinatown shops …in Singapore. It’s also available in Thailand, Indonesia, and Hong Kong now. In 2 weeks’ time, it’ll be available in Malaysia, Taiwan, Korea & Philippines.

I hope you’ll buy a copy to support local music. Hope you’ll like the album! 🙂


Updates: Album reviews by Life!, Straits Times (10 Apr 09), Today (30 Apr 09), I-Weekly (04 May 09)