[Post Edit – We’ve imported all our blog entries from LiveJournal (from 2006 to 2011) back to our main website here!

We apologise if some of the youtube links do not appear. However you are bound to find tips and suggestions for songs for your march-in, or dedications to your loved ones; along with photos and ideas of making your own wedding more exciting!.

For photos and records from 2011 onwards, please refer to our Facebook page.

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Thank you for being such an avid reader of our blog!
With the proliferation of Facebook profiles, we’ll be uploading all photos to our Facebook Page from July 2011. Please feel free to trawl the entries if it’d assist you to plan for your dream wedding (using tags on the left for venues, genres like jazz, pop, classics, or languages like english, mandarin, hokkien, cantonese, french, japanese, thai, tagalog etc).

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