It’s me again! When answering e-mails from couples who enquire about our services, I realise that most of them ask the same few questions. Here’s a quick and dirty list of FAQs to guide you along.

1. What is the payment process like?
Upon confirmation, we ask for a 30% deposit. The rest can be settled on your wedding day, by cash or cheque.

2. Which do you think is better, guitarist or keyboardist?
Honestly, one man’s meat is another man’s poison. It really boils down to two major factors: personal preference and the choice of songs.

3. When do I have to confirm my repertoire by?
Preferably a month before your wedding. If your wedding is in the peak season (Jun – Jul, Sep to Dec), then it’s best to settle the song list at least two months before.

4. Can I pick songs that I like? or will the band decide?
Sure, you can pick your favourite songs. In fact, we encourage you to do so. We love to sing two or three songs that are significant to you. If you have a long list of, say, twenty obscure songs, we might not be able to sing every one of them, but we’ll darn well try to do as many as we possibly can.

5. How long is one set of performance?
45 min.

6. How many songs can I choose?
We usually sing 2 sets of 45 min. Say a typical song is 4 min long, so that makes about 11 songs per set. If you can give us a list of 25 – 30 songs to choose from, that would be great! If not, just give us as many songs as you can, and we’ll recommend others to you.

Oh, don’t miss out on reading this too!

We get so many e-mails with no name, contact number or wedding details. Just, “Hi, I’ve heard good reviews about you. Can you give me your rates?”

To help us serve you better, please include all of the following information:

(1) Name
(2) Contact Number
(3) Wedding Date and Venue
(4) Budget
(5) Any special preferences (male/female singer, choice of instrument, etc)

Also, please check and re-check that you’ve indicated your e-mail address correctly. We’ve been getting e-mails from invalid/incorrect e-mail addresses. It’s incredibly frustrating because there’s no way we can contact you! If you don’t hear from us after three working days, please drop us another e-mail or give me a call at 96577429.

Only 5% of couples have a clear idea of what they want. It will help us tremendously if you can specify the genre of songs, the mood you want us to create, and the choice of instruments you have in mind. But it’s okay if you don’t know yet, it’s our job to help you get there! 🙂