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A Little Dream seeks to move, inspire and engage our wedding couples and guests with the magic of live music. A professional wedding live band comprising more than 20 versatile singers, emcees, songwriters and musicians, A Little Dream provides a one-stop service for your music needs. From 2006 – 2008, A Little Dream performed at over 520 local and overseas weddings. Read about them here!”

That, in a nutshell, shows how far we’ve grown over the past three phenomenal years. We capped 2008 with 275 weddings, almost 3 times more than 2006!

Once again, we give our sincere thanks to all couples who engaged us to be part of your special day. They are the reason why we are able to marry (ahem, pun intended) our passion with our work, and why we’re determined to continue singing as long as there’s a demand for quality live music.

Of course, we couldn’t have done it without our talented singers and musicians. In 2008, we welcomed many new members into our fold, including

Vocalists: Jeremy, Judy, Suyi, Windson, Yovie
Pianists: Adeline, Ben Goh, Duncan, Edward, Ian, James, Jeremy, Julian, Kenny, Tony
Guitarist: Kim-Chye
Bassists: Joel Tan, Mario, Melvin
Percussionist: Shawn
Saxophonists: Benson, Brad, Eddie, Edmund, Geoff, Ivan, Tim, Wang
Violinist: Albert, Lim Hui

And although we show you the number of wedding performances every year, it’s not a target we set out to exceed. What keeps us going are the smiles we see on the couple’s faces, their feedback, the satisfaction we get from learning a special song, convincing couples that it was worthwhile to engage us, or when we create beautiful memories for the

2009 looks to be a challenging year for the wedding industry, in light of the bleak economic outlook. That is why we’re digging deep to give wedding couples even more value for their money.

First of all, we engaged Bishan to be our Admin Executive. She has helped to lighten our admin workload, which can get quite staggering at times. Then we spent countless hours trawling the blog and culling a list of recommended songs for your reference. This handy list is free, but couples who engage us will have access to a much longer list of almost 200 titles (and growing)!

Finally, we will be announcing more promotions with industry partners very soon, so watch this space!

See you around,
Bevlyn and Hsin Yeow

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