From Bevlyn and Hsin Yeow:

Hi everyone, hope you had a great start to 2009! This year promises to be another fulfilling one for us, and to help us with the admin part of our work, we have recently engaged Bishan, who will be our Admin Executive. You might have already seen her name in our correspondences with you.

Here’s a short introduction from the lady herself:

Bishan’s thoughts: Once In A Lifetime


I have never thought much about weddings, neither have I been to many.

Well, of course. I’m only 21-turning-22 this year. 🙂

Initially, I didn’t believe that Bevlyn could do more than 8 hrs of admin each day like she said. Haha, but now I do. Yet, taking up this job has been quite a busy but wonderful journey so far.

A Little Dream has not only given me a job. It also brought me a bagful of thoughts on certain things..

One partner, two hearts, many wishes.

These are things that makes a wedding complete. Reading about each couples’ love stories, reading on how the guests interacted with the band, and seeing happy faces in pictures surprisingly makes me touched and glad that all the hard work behind A Little Dream brings happy smiles on the faces of others. It’s really a wonderful feeling to know, even though I just got started on this.

Weddings did not mean much to me before this, but after communicating with couples, reading through this blog and helping out a little here and there, it made me realise how much truth there was in the cliche chinese saying of “a wedding is something that you go through once in a lifetime”.

I know it’s busy, it’s madly filled with details to be taken care of, it’s costly.

But, it’s also a process worth cherishing.

To me, no effort is wasted while planning for a wedding.

Everything you do brings you a step closer to THE wedding that would instill unforgettable moments and beautiful memories in your life, doesn’t it?

Okay, this is embarrassing but I’m starting to imagine how my own wedding would be like. Hehe. How about you? 🙂