Bevlyn’s Thoughts: Vividshots

“Every cherished moment is an assembly of fleeting seconds, precious to those who have lived them. Every day is a constant race against the clock, and the tingling thrill in capturing that precise moment with absolutely refined flair, is life as we know it behind the lens of Monica Eng.”

I collaborated with Monica for the release of my first full-length album “You Are My Angel” in 2009. Before we met, I have long heard of this very known female photographer in the wedding and fashion industries and hence, I was raring to meet her for the shoot, which turned out to be no less than fun and spontaneous! What I cherished the most about her, was her honesty, and her determination to bring the best of you out in the pictures. I am camera-shy (yes I am!), but working with her was easy:

Vividshots and A Little Dream are ecstatic to announce our tie-up promotions with effect from 05 Apr 2010. We’ll each be giving 10% discount off our standard packages if you engage both our services for your big day! Do write in to us to check our availability!