Take a trip down memory lane with Bevlyn as she recounts (with singing!) the start of her music career at cafés and pubs, and how she came to be a demo-singer for hits including 《原点》 (Stefanie Sun & Tanya Chua), 《你不是说》 (Na Ying), 《放不下》 (Kaira Gong) etc. She will also walk the audience through her journey from an indie artist to a signed artist with S2S.

Guest-starring in this concert is Tan Boon Wah, an accomplished songwriter with Warner-Chappell who has published more than 20 songs performed by prominent artists such as Andy Lau, Ah-Mei, Jolin Tsai, Stephine Sun, Elva Hsiao, Tanya Chua etc. Some of his chart-topping hits include 《原点》, 《爱情字典》and 《不想让你知道》. He is also a singer and has released a self-penned single called 《那一年》 which was used as the theme song for Taiwanese idol drama 《我们结婚吧》in 2008.

To make the ‘time-travel’ more complete, Bevlyn and Boon Wah will be performing their demo collaborations ‘live’ and reminisce their days of music-making together. Be prepared to hear hit songs sold to various Taiwanese artists in
their raw demo forms in this concert. And… the little stories here and there to be shared.

Bevlyn will also perform songs from her latest album “Feel About You”, and her past albums as part of the musical journey. Autograph session will be held at the end of the concert.

A concert not to be missed!

Start of Journey: 18 Dec 2011/2pm to 3.30pm
Venue of embarkation: Crazy World Café

(N.B. Main language channel to be in Mandarin)