ZQ’s thoughts: Can’t Take My Eyes Off You!

It’s the night of your wedding, and you’re often so frazzled that hardly anything registers; you feel as if you’re being herded around like sheep, rushed from one place to another.

Is this familiar? Thankfully, the above did not apply to Ghim Howe and Vo, who were probably the most charming couple I’d met since I started singing for A Little Dream.

They lit up the room with their beautiful smiles and gracious personalities. Vo, in particular, was luminous that night, and looked like a movie star. Ghim Howe, you are one lucky guy to have her as your bride. Way to go!

It was a great pleasure to perform for Ghim Howe and Vo because they found time to give us positive feedback despite their busy schedule, and made the band feel appreciated. We loved their song choices too!

My sincere thanks to Ghim Howe and Vo for engaging us as to perform at your wedding, and for appreciating our music. All the best to the two of you!

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L-R: Matthew, ZQ, Vo, Ghim Howe, and Jon Lim
P.S. I just love this photo of the lovely couple and the band, taken at the end of our performance.

Band: ZQ, Jon Lim and Matthew


Can’t Take My Eyes Off You, 我是真的付出我的爱 (I’m Really Giving You My Love), You Are So Beautiful, Cheek To Cheek, Dream A Little Dream, (I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons, L-O-V-E, Quando Quando Quando, Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps, Fly Me To The Moon, 可爱的玫瑰花 (Lovely Rose), Can’t Smile Without You

Compliments from Vo:

We knew we made the right choice by engaging A Little Dream for our wedding party. The 3-man band added a romantic touch to the Jazzy mood that we wanted for our wedding evening!

Thanks very much again to you and band, it would’ve been great if I had the chance to sit through listening to all your songs… Sadly I only got to listen to a few 🙁