Jason & Kia Mian, 21 Nov 21 @ Sheraton Towers (Wedding Live Band Music – Live-Streaming)

Thank you Jason & Kia Mian for engaging Khim (vocals) & the One-Man-Band for their lovely wedding celebration at Sheraton Towers! The band felt so flattered to receive so many song requests! 🙂  Check out some of the song requests we received! ….even though the musicians were located in a separate location ! 🙂 Our heartiest congratulations to Jason & Kia Mian and here’s wishing them a blissful marriage ahead!! Repertoire: Can you feel the love tonight – 1st march-in 最重要的决定…

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Children's Day Live Band Music Streaming Celebration

Children’s Day Celebration – First Toa Payoh Primary School (Streaming/Pre-Recording)

We were so thrilled to perform for the children at the Children’s Day Celebration of  First Toa Payoh Primary School! Vivienne was so friendly and warm, we hope you felt our love for children through this celebration too! 0:00 – Intro 0:35 – Dynamite (BTS) 1:48 – Interaction 2:39 – Faded (Alan Walker) 3:37 – Interaction 3:47 – Dance Monkey (Tones & I) 4:26 – Believer (Imagine Dragon) 5:47 – Mama Mia (ABBAS) Email us to engage Vivienne (vocals), Benny…

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Edwin & Justina, 9 Aug 21 @ Empress (Asian Civilisation Museum) (Wedding Emcee)

Edwin & Justina had to postpone their wedding celebration 3 times due to the restrictions imposed (from last year!). But they took things in their stride and were cool as cucumber when it comes to the postponement! Finally on the evening of National Day, with Bevlyn as the emcee for the evening, we all celebrated their union in style in the cosy ambience of Empress (with mouth-watering Cantonese food)! (this was the 1st dish) (And the closing dessert) The reception…

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Nigel & Zuoen, 24 Jul 21 @ Four Seasons Singapore (Wedding Emcee)

It was a simple story of Nigel & Zuoen witnessing Bevlyn emcee at their friend’s wedding and decided to engage Bevlyn to be their wedding emcee too!  And now here’s a sneak peak of the reception during set up: So happy to receive this angbao with handwritten words of thanks for their wedding emcee Bevlyn! Our warmest congratulations to Nigel & Zuoen, we wish you forever days of love and happiness in this new chapter as husband and wife! 🙂…

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Benjamin & Ru Luan, 28 Mar 21 @ Grand Hyatt (Wedding Virtual Live Band + Emcee)

Elizabeth (vocals) and Caleb (piano) had a field day taking on song requests and reading out song dedications from Ben & Ru Luan’s wedding guests!   Special thanks to Ben & Ru Luan for taking up our virtual live band music and emcee (Bevlyn) for their wedding celebration. Here’s wishing you a wonderful and bountiful marriage ahead!   The lovely reception area outside the Grand Salon ballroom: The live band (Elizabeth & Caleb) were actually streaming in from an external…

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Andaz Singapore Wedding Emcee Live bands virtual music

Julius & Kaixin, 27 Mar 21 @ Andaz Singapore (Wedding Emcee + Virtual Live Band)

Julius and Kaixin confirmed Bevlyn to be their wedding emcee some time ago, but finally decided to get a virtual live band 2 weeks before the actual day (Phoebee on vocals + Eugene on piano). We are so happy they did, because the whole reception wouldn’t have the same relaxing vibe otherwise! (click video below), and the review we were thrilled to receive: But first, check out this cute reception area that showcased so many sweet photos of Julius &…

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Jun Liang & Wen Xuan, 13 Mar 21 @ Raffles Hotel (Casuarina Suite) (Wedding Emcee)

(More photos in post) Thank you Jun Liang & Wen Xuan for engaging Bevlyn to be your wedding emcee! Here’s wishing the two of you a great and lovely adventure in this new chapter together! Tea Ceremony before the solemnisation: Solemnisation onstage by Justice of Peace (JP) Dr Chung Tang Fong: What a lovely wedding gift from Raffles Hotel! And we used the yum-seng app!! 🙂

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Ryanne & Jory, 6 Feb 21 @ Marriott Hotel Singapore (Wedding Emcee)

Ryanne & Qin Lin got to know each other as squad mates when they signed on to SPF…and on their first date, they didn’t watch just one movie… but two!! Thank you for engaging Yokez to be your wedding emcee, and blissful marriage ahead!! 🙂  

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Darren & Karyl, 31 Jan 21 @ One Farrer Hotel (Wedding Emcee)

Darren and Karyl met through work, and back in the days, their lunch clique played mobile games together during lunch and tea breaks. That and other times spent together brough them closer to each other, and the rest is history! Thank you for engaging Huibing to be your wedding emcee. We wish you a prosperous and blissful marriage ahead ! 🙂  

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Weiqi & Napolean, 17 Jan 21 (LUNCH) @ Intercontinental Hotel Singapore (Wedding Emcee)

Thank you Napolean and Weiqi for engaging Bevlyn to be their wedding emcee! Napolean’s sister Sharilyn gave a very heartfelt speech: Weiqi’s secondary school friend Sabrina gave us a walk down memory lane through her recounts of Weiqi when she was younger, and her dating days: Weiqi & Napolean giving their thank you speeches…  

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Adrian & Jane, 12 Dec 20 (LUNCH) @ Andaz Singapore (Wedding Emcee)

Adrian and Jane‘s wedding celebration was held at this gorgeous-looking ballroom, with all their most beloved present to witness the beginning of their journey as husband and wife. Thank you for having Bevlyn to be your bilingual emcee! Our warmest congratulations and best wishes to Adrian & Jane! 🙂 (click for more photos)   adrian

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Wilson & Guyue, 6 Dec 20 (LUNCH) @ Racines (Sofitel City Centre Singapore) (Wedding Emcee)

Wilson & Guyue have come a long way as study-mates in University to now husband and wife, and we wish them all the very best in this new chapter of their lives together! Thank you for having Bevlyn to emcee at your wedding. (Here’s some wonderful photos of Racines and its mouth-watering dishes!!)

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Cassandra & Wilson, 22 Nov 20 @ Fullerton Hotel Singapore (Wedding Emcee)

Our heartiest congratulations to Wilson & Cassandra! Thank you for engaging Felicia to be your wedding emcee 🙂 “Thank you and Felicia for all the help. The luncheon  won’t be success without u all. Once again, we thank Felicia for all the hard work and making our wedding lunch an amazing one. Thanks “

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Chijmes hall singapore wedding emcee

Jocelyn & John, 22 Nov 20 @ CHIJMES HALL (Wedding Emcee Singapore)

Photo L-R: Chelsea (wedding coordinator), Jocelyn, John, Vivienne Thank you Jocelyn & John for having Vivienne as your wedding emcee! And we’re thrilled to receive this lovely testimonial for Vivienne : Our heartiest congratulations to Jocelyn & John!! Blissful marriage ahead! 🙂

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Live Music Streaming / Pre-Recorded Live Band Performances for Corporate / weddings / anniversary / birthday / wedding proposal Singapore

Virtual Music for Corporate Event (Live Music Streaming / Pre-Recorded Available)

We are privileged to perform for a corporate awards event virtually! It’s a very interesting experience and we are delighted to know that everyone on the other end of their screens enjoyed the performance too! As it was a celebration, the band performed Counting Stars, Raise Your Glass, Viva La Vida (videos coming up soon) L-R: Ridzuan (cajon), Khim (vocals), Cheng (guitar) For live music streaming or pre-recording of performances for corporate events/ weddings/ solemnisations / birthdays /anniversaries, pls email…

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“Live” Music Streaming at Blissful Online Wedding Show – The New Normal!

We were excited to be part of the Blissful Online Wedding Show organised by Blissful Brides, by performing at the 2-day online wedding fair. So much has changed since the beginning of COVID-19, and many activities have gone online! Here are 2 live bands from A Little Dream Live Music, showcasing Emmeline (vocals), Cheng (guitar), Boon Chye (saxophone) for Day 1:   …and Sharon (piano / pianica) and Kevin (vocals & guitar) for Day 2: Contact us at [email protected] or Whatsapp/Call +65 8525 8277…

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