Hikaru and Moe Moe, 11 Feb 06, Margaux Ballroom, Le Meridien Hotel

Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: Kawaii Ne! The kawaii couple I don’t know why, but I can’t help but smile everytime I read Hikaru’s e-mail: “Hi Hsin Yeow Our full names are Hikaru Fujishima and Moe Moe Aung. I am half-Japanese while my wife is Burmese. Fujishima is my surname whereas she has no surname. It is common for Burmese to have no surname. You can call us Hikaru and Moe Moe. We are both Singapore Citizens now. :-)” Hikaru and Moe…

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Ken and Vivian, 6 Feb 06, Holiday Inn Parkview

Bevlyn’s thoughts: Against All Odds Ken loved the idea of having a live band perform at his wedding; unfortunately, everyone else thought it would be a waste of money. Kudos to him for contacting us anyway. We could tell how excited he was, because he had already chosen a list of songs he wanted us to perform. He loved the song Dream A Little Dream so much, he actually found five different versions of the song and played them before…

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Cass and Melvin, 14 Jan 06, Peony-Jade Restaurant

Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: Shanghai Night The 2 Js are a lethal combination. Apart from being blessed with good looks, they are also fantastic musicians. Jon “Saxy” Lim wields his instrument like he’s possessed by the spirit of Stan Getz, while Jon Ang’s fingers fly across the keyboard with consummate skill and ease. Eleanor and I were very excited to work with them for the first time, and I think our enthusiasm showed onstage. We also had fun singing songs like…

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Joey and Hubert, 10 Jan 06, Garden Suite, Oriental Hotel

Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: You’re My Brown-Eyed Girl I received a call from Joey about two weeks before her wedding. Although Joey thought she made the call at the very last-minute, she doesn’t hold the record. It probably belongs to Dominic, whom I sung for last year. He contacted me a mere 3 days before his wedding! Back to Joey. She was really easy-going, and so was Hubert. Hubert had only one request: to sing Brown-Eyed Girl. I hadn’t heard the…

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Felicia and Kai, 9 Jan 06, Noble House Restaurant

Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: 出嫁 (Getting married) Performing at Noble House is always a gamble, because the microphones tend to act up. The management should really make an effort to upgrade its sound system or get new microphones because the current ones are on their last legs. Technical problems aside, Hui Bing and I really enjoyed singing for Shan Shan (Felicia) and Xin Kai. It was great to finally meet them after communicating through e-mails — Felicia was planning her wedding…

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Tricia and Alvin, 7 Jan 06, Conrad Centennial

Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: Beautiful In My Eyes I love to listen to wedding speeches, if they are done properly. If I were to deliver one, I’d make sure it is either succinct, funny or touching. Alvin’s father gave a speech that was all of the above, and more. He had us all in stitches when he related how Alvin broke the news to him that he was attached to Tricia. At the time, Alvin was studying in Australia, and his…

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Joseph and Li Wei, 2 Jan 06, Si Chuan Dou Hua, UOB Plaza 1

Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: Memorising Your Lyrics By some strange coincidence, 3 of my clients in January sang for their wives during the wedding dinner. Joe was the first; he surprised me because he wanted to sing 勇气 (Courage). You need about three lungs to sing this song properly because there’s a huge chunk of words to plough through before you hit the chorus. Li Wei and Joseph I needn’t have worried. As Joe sang, it became obvious he knew the…

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