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Andaz Hotel Wedding

Ander & Shermaine, 4 Feb 2018, Andaz Singapore Hotel (Wedding Live Band)

Band: Jiamin (vocals + emcee), Clarence (guitar) It was our first time performing at this brand new Andaz Singapore hotel, and we were stoked. Check out the beautiful ballroom, and the picturesque rooftop for solemnisation ceremonies! L-R: Jiamin (vocals + emcee), Shermaine, Ander, Clarence (guitar) The ballroom with the soft light through the windows…Check out those modern chandeliers! And these delicious-looking cakes by the hotel… And the rooftop for solemnisation…. Don’t you feel like saying “Wow…”? Thank you Ander &…

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5 Songs We Wish to Hear More for March-In

Our wedding couples have often asked us for march-in songs that are not so commonly used, well so here are our humble suggestions to share with everyone! (If you’d like commonly used march-in song, please refer to this blog post!) 1. Best Day Of My Life – American Authors Sound: High/Party Suitable for 1st or 2nd march-in This song is so high right from the start that it’s bound to kick your wedding celebration off with a big bang! If…

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March-In Songs

When it comes to music, one of the toughest decisions for couples to make could be selecting their first and second march-in songs. Through experience, I’ve learnt that what works for one couple can be anathema to the next. Still, if you want some kind of reference, take a look at: The Unofficial A Little Dream Chart Of March-In Songs We have… No. 5! It Had To Be You For a grand entrance, you might want to consider using the…

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Songs I Love – Part II

Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: Not all the songs I enjoy are jazz, so I’ve compiled another list of songs that I hope to sing in the near future: – Overjoyed (Update: Sung at Willie and Jolene’s wedding!) One of my favourite songs by Stevie Wonder, enough said. – Love Is A Wonderful Thing I’m not a big fan of Michael Bolton’s voice, but I think I’ll have a lot of fun singing this one. – Get Here (Update: Sung at Gregory…

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