BPI AIA, 29 Aug 22 @ SkySuites (SKAI) (Corporate Live Band Music)

Thank you BPI AIA for having our dynamic live band amp up the atmosphere at their event at SKAI. They were on their feet dancing for most parts throughout the 1.5 hour of live band music!  Kevin played so hard he broke 3 guitar strings 🤣🤣🤣) Featuring Vivienne (vocals), Kevin (guitar), and the One-Man-Band for some dynamic Top40s music throughout the evening ! Contact us at alittledream.com.sg to engage a quality live band for your special event!

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Cindy & Kear Haw, 18 Jun 22 (LUNCH) @ Furama Riverfront SG (Waterfall Lounge)

Thank you Cindy & Kear Haw for having JEE YON (vocals) + ONE-MAN-BAND (Fatt) for your wedding entertainment! They were delighted to be welcomed with so many song requests from the guests, and the lovely couple had in particular requested for the band to perform ‘See You Again’ as a dedication to their grandmother. Here’s a quick preview of their previous performance together: Contact us at info@alittledream.com.sg to find out how you may engage a quality live band for your…

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(Wedding) Daniel and Mannpyng, 12 June 2011, Keppel Club (Keppel Ballroom)

Junxiong’s thoughts: Tonight I Celebrate My Love For You Daniel and Mannpyng’s wedding dinner reception was indeed a unique one: they had their wedding solemnization right before the eyes of all the wedding guests prior to the wedding banquet, with blessings and warmest wishes flooding their marital ceremony. Their ROM ceremony was a solemn yet casual one, due to our humorous Justice of Peace (Dr Phua) who occasionally triggered some laughters from the floor with his honest yet vivid advices for…

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(Wedding) Peiying and Ronald, 4 Jun 11, Grand Park City Hall

Ariel’s thoughts: 爱是不保留 (Unrestrained Love) Weddings are usually unforgettable , and Peiying and Ronald’s wedding reception was even more so for many reasons. I had looked forward to meeting the loving couple after learning of their nine-year courtship, during which both of them had spent two years in a long-distance relationship. One interesting titbit: Ronald had paid for air tickets for Peiying to return to Singapore every six months when she was studying in Perth, even though he was then…

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(Wedding) Teck Min and Judith, 28 May 2011, Furama Riverfront (Mercury Ballroom)

L-R: Darryl, Justin, Judith, Teck Min, Audrey Band: Audrey, Darryl & Justin Repertoire: For The First Time (1st March-in), 出嫁 (2nd March-in), Quando Quando Quando, 制造浪漫 (Creating Romance), 在我生命中的每一天 (Everyday of My Life),  喜欢你 (Liking You), 至少还有你 (There’s Still You), Fallen,  情非得已 (Can’t Help It), Love Will Keep Us Alive, Truly Madly Deeply, When You Say Nothing At All

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(Wedding)Dirk and Marion, 28 May 2011, Suburbia (Sentosa)

Renhui’s Thoughts: Weightless The appeal of Suburbia as a place to host both Marion and Dirk’s solemnization ceremony and wedding dinner was obvious. The homey and quaint-looking restaurant that stood away from the everyday hustle-bustle easily lulled its guests into an easy and informal mood – perfect for an intimate evening to celebrate the coming together of 2 lives and 2 families. Accompanied by Jeremy’s rendition of Bruno Mar’s Marry Me, Marion and Dirk’s new unity was solemnized in Suburbia’s…

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(Wedding) Chee Kai and Jaslin, 14 May 2011, Carlton (Empress Ballroom)

Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: 爱很简单 (Love is Simple) Chee Kai and Jaslin met about three years ago, and their common love for good food and exercise attracted them to each other. A hobby of theirs is running marathons together! Everything fell in place rather quickly, and it seemed quite natural for them to start planning their marriage within a relatively short period of courtship. The wedding took place in the Empress ballroom of the newly renovted Carlton Hotel. It was a…

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(Wedding) Kenneth and Roslyn, 7 May 2011, Furama Riverfront (Jupiter Ballroom)

Christina’s thoughts: 月亮代表我的心 (The Moon Represents My Heart) Though interaction with Kenneth and Roslyn’s is very brief, I senses the youthfulness and cheerfulness that they emit. They look like a really fun couple. The excellent repertoire chosen is reflected in the crowd responses. One of which initiated to come on stage to sing 月亮代表我的心 along with us. It is great to have audience participation as this relaxes and livens up the atmosphere.  Time flies with an enjoyable evening performing side to…

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(Wedding) Raymond & Jasmine, 23 Apr 11, Shutters Restaurant & Glass Pavilion (Amara Sanctuary)

Bevlyn’s Thoughts: Love Will Find A Way “37 years ago, a ‘Chan’ married a ‘Lee’. 37 years later, the same thing happened!’ Raymond’s father best summed up the miracles which happened to Raymond and Jasmine’s families. Raymond’s father (a ‘Chan’ from Malaysia), married his mother (a ‘Lee’ from China) 37 years ago. The history repeated itself at Raymond’s wedding, for Jasmine is also a ‘Lee’ who came to Singapore from China. We also heard from Raymond and Jasmine’s colleagues who…

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(Wedding) Eric and Amie, 27 Mar 2011, Topaz Ballroom, Sheraton Towers

Band: Jeremy, Shimona, Feri, Fabian L-R: Feri, Shimona, Eric, Amie, Jeremy, Fabian Repertoire: Bubbly, Close To You, Fallen, Kiss Me, You’ve Got A Friend, Heaven, Can’t Smile Without You, You Raise Me Up, I’m Yours, Everlasting Love, Now And Forever, Your Song Tonight I Celebrate My Love (2nd march-in), Just The Way You Are (Bruno Mars), Forever Love, 童话 (Fairytale), 完美 (Perfect), Lucky, Way Back Into Love, So Much In Love Compliments: Dear Hsin Yeow and Team, We would like…

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(Wedding) Alex and Huiying, 13 Mar 2011 (Lunch), One Degree Fifteen (Sentosa)

L-R: Bevlyn, Huiying, Alex, Jeremy & Ein Ein Band: Bevlyn, Jeremy & Ein Ein Repertoire: Can’t Take My Eyes Off You (1st March-in), 麦芽糖 (Malt Candy), That’s When I Love You, Every Day I Love You, Eternal Flame, 有一点动心 (Touched – Just A Tiny Bit), I Love You So, The Way You Look Tonight, Quando, Quando, Quando, Fly Me to the Moon, L-O-V-E, Sway 浪漫手机 (Romantic Handphone) (2nd March-in), Dahil Sa Yo, My way, Can’t Help Falling In Love, I…

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(Wedding) Lazon and Jeanette, 12 Mar 2011, Phoenix Ballroom, Novotel Clarke Quay (Phoenix Ballroom)

L-R:Hsin Yeow, Lazon, Jeanette & Jixiang   Band: Hsin Yeow & Jixiang Repertoire: When You Tell Me That You Love Me, (1st March-in), Thats Amore, Nothing’s Goanna Change My Love For You, Everyday I Love You, This I Promise You, Amazed, Sometimes When We Touch, It Might Be You, More Than Words, I Knew I Loved You Angels Brought Me Here (2nd March-in), 真情流露 (Emotions Revealed), 只对你说 (To You Alone), 甜蜜蜜 (Sweetness), 一人一半 (Half for You and Half for Me),…

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(Wedding) Patrick and Joyce, 5 Mar 2011, Novotel Clarke Quay

Band: Imelda, Feri & Fabian L-R: Feri, Fabian, Patrick, Joyce, Imelda Repertoire: Crazy Little Thing Called Love, Everlasting Love, For Your Babies, Love Will Keep Us Alive, Wonderful Tonight, Wanna Make It With You, Longer, For Your Babies, Dream a Little Dream, For Once In My Life, L-O-V-E, So Nice, 給我一個吻 (Gimme a Kiss), 爱你在心口难开 (Love You More Than I Can Say), 写一首歌 (Write a Song), Come Fly With Me, Sway, Fallen, Let There Be Love, 爱无所愿, 喜欢你 (Liking You),…

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(Wedding) Desmond and Sandra, 27 Feb 2011, Singapore Futsing Association

L-R: Huibing, Zhengquan & Jixiang L-R: Zheng Quan, Desmond, Sandra, Huibing, Jixiang Band: Huibing, Zhengquan & Jixiang Repertoire: Sometimes When We Touch (1st march in), 我要你的爱, 恋之憩 2nd march in, 但愿人长久, 在我生命中的每一天, 爱是你眼里的一首情歌, 每天爱你多一些 (Cantonese), 你的名字我的姓氏(Cantonese), I Swear, Way Back Into Love, Shakespeare In Love, Now And Forever, Shower Me With Your Love, Love Will Keep Us Alive, Kiss Me, 小情歌, Through The Years, Wonderful Tonight , I Do (Cherish You), Umbrella, I Only Want To Be With You, Nothing’s…

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(Wedding) Andr and Jane, 20 Feb 2011, Noble House

ShiLi and Adi with Jacob on guitar L-R: Adi, Shi Li, Andr, Jane, Shannon & Jacob  Band: ShiLi and Adi, Jacob (guitarist), Shannon (Emcee) Repertoire:  Baby, I Love Your Way / Freebird Medley, World Of Our Own, When I’m With You, Walk On Water, Missing You, She, Yellow, Wonderwall, Way Back Into Love, Love Story, Can’t Fight This Feeling, Hold On, Love And Affection, Heaven, Straight From The Heart, You Make Loving Fun, Deeper The Love, Stand Up (Kick Love into Motion), Game…

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Jaime & Timothy, 13 Feb 11, Amara Sanctuary Resort

Bevlyn’s Thoughts: Happy Together “Sit Drink and be Married” – This was what I keep seeing through the wedding. I know it sounds stupid, but it did make me loosen myself up upon seeing that, cos yes, it sounded like everyone was supposed to have fun! Seeing all the attention put into the details in this wedding, it’s hard to imagine that Jaime had organised everything…. from US! The band performed a good 20minutes when the guests started entering the…

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Bing and Wei, 6 Feb 2011, Villa Halia (Singapore Botanic Gardens)

Jerome’s thoughts:Coming soon! Photos courtesy of Embrace Pictures Band: Jereome & Ein Ein Repertoire: Love You (March-in), Marry You, I’m Yours, Sometimes When We Touch, Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love For You, Now And Forever, I Knew I Loved U, Can’t Take My Eyes Off You, L-O-V-E, Forever Love, 在每一秒里都想见到你 (I Wanna See You All The Time), 小酒窝 (Dimples), 黑白配 (Ebony & Ivory), 简单爱 (Simple Love), 甜甜的 (Sweetly), 星晴 (Bright Star In Clear Sky), 爱很简单 (Love Is Simple), 两只恋人 (Two…

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Tze Yee and Esther, 15 Jan 2011, Furama Riverfront (Jupiter Ballroom)

Hui Bing’s Thoughts – Angels Brought Me Here I always like to know how couples meet, how they felt about each other in that instance, how they have decided to progress from friends to being a couple, and subsequently, how they make that ultimate decision to tie the knot. It is quite intriguing knowing how the lines between each stage are laid out and overcome, knowing that fate plays an important part. As for Esther and Tze Yee, they met in the…

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