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Tommy & Fang, 28 Jul 19 @ Capella Hotel Singapore (Wedding Singer/Live Band Music)

Tommy & Fang‘s wedding was full of fun because there were so many talented guest performers! (But first, check out this splendid view of a ballroom): The 3 cousins of Fang flew in specially from New Zealand to attend the wedding, and they even performed 3 lovely songs with our pianist Benjamin backing them up on piano. Their renditions were so professional – soothing vocals complete with harmonies! Another talented cousin of Fang’s (Sean) also performed – so rare to…

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Zann & Gary, 13 Jul 19, Capella (Grand Ballroom) (Wedding Emcee/ Live Band / DJ)

(Emcee Regine with Zann & Gary) We were out in full force for Zann & Gary‘s wedding celebration at Capella‘s Grand Ballroom. It was our privilege to have 4 groups of talents out for this wedding: Regine on bilingual emcee (videos) Moxi & GX for live band (videos) DJ Titus (videos) String Duo (Violinist and Cellist) for cocktail reception (video) In other words, it was a PARTY!! Our string duo (violin & cello) kicked start the evening with a 45-min…

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(Wedding) James and Jenny, 26 Feb 2011, Capella

Jeremy’s Thoughts: So you think you can dance?? Capella. One of the best hotels I’ve seen so far, just oozes class all over. Very nice. The perfect setting for a perfect wedding for James and Jenny. It’s not often that you see the whole VIP table empty, that’s because the parents, siblings, best “men” (there were 2!) and bridesmaids led the way during the march in before the couple finally came into the ballroom! It’s also not often that u…

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Andy & Kate, 29 Jan 2011 (Luncheon), Capella (Sentosa Room)

Bevlyn’s Thoughts: At Last When I first arrived at the reception area of Sentosa Room, the couple was having their solemnisation in the next room, but look what received me – a whole spread of desserts! Yes, the lunch banquet had not yet started at that time, but who cares? It’s always a treat for everyone (especially those with a sweet tooth). Another sweet wonder received me when I enter the ballroom, you’d never guess, the wedding cake specially baked…

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Stephen & May Yee, 18 Dec 2010 (Morning), Sentosa Room, Capella

Ian’s Thoughts: This is the Day I had a prior rehearsal with May Yee and her siblings (Te Jinn and Min Hui, the singers for the day) which went without a hitch. As I set up my gear, I felt really good about this gig – working with talented and able singers, as well as experienced and creative musicians in the form of Clarence and Richard. Another reason for the good feeling – we were going to play praise and worship…

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Mavis and Kai, 29 May 2010, Capella (Wedding Live Band)

Bevlyn’s Thoughts: 可以愛你真好 (It’s So Good To Love You) It was great to come back to this beautiful high-ceiling banquet hall again. The picture below tells why:  And check out this 4-tier real wedding cake. It’s chocolate green-tea flavour! I would say that Mavis and Kai’s guests were spoiled for choices when it comes to entertainment at the banquet! Before our performance, Mavis scheduled for a string quartet Striiings to welcome the guests with classical and contemporary pieces. It is an…

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Elaine and Edwin, 15 May 2010, Capella (Wedding Live Band)

Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: Terrified Elaine stole the show from us. We were doing our job to entertain the guests with classics selected by Edwin and Elaine, including some of my favourites (That’s All, Overjoyed and So Close). But it was over the moment Elaine took the stage. She was luminous, and even though she lacked the confidence that Judy, Matthew, Feri and I had onstage (honed performing at hundreds of weddings), it added to her charm. She just sang. The…

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Wei Ling and Victor, 27 March 2010, Capella (Wedding Live Band)

Hui Bing’s Thoughts: Better Together It was my first performance at Capella and my heart couldn’t help but beat a little faster as I arrived at the beautiful grounds of the hotel. And course I couldn’t resist going for a short walk (after we have done all the sound checks), taking in the sights and beautiful views.     The highlight of evening has to be Wei Ling and Victor’s thank you speech, which i thought was candid, witty and…

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Carmen and Ian, 5 Dec 09, Capella (Wedding Live Band)

Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: Ideal World I love singing at new places, and I was particularly stoked to be performing in Capella for Carmen and Ian’s wedding. I’d heard how beautiful the hotel was, and I couldn’t wait to see it for myself. Once I arrived though, my focus was all on making the performance a great one. Matthew, Keith and Ivan were great musicians in their own right, but we had to figure out how to work as a team,…

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Justin and Megan, 18 Nov 09, Capella (Sentosa) (Wedding Live Band)

Bevlyn’s thoughts: Greatest Day Justin counts as one of the nicest grooms I have ever encountered in my years of wedding-singing. I cannot help but be impressed by his sincerity and thoughtfulness. Hence, I could easily understand why many people were happy to attend their wedding lunch on a Wednesday afternoon! As requested by the couple, we performed Greatest Day (by Take That) for the 1st march-in. Fantastic lyrics: Today this could be The greatest day of our lives. Before…

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Bibo and Li-Ann, 8 Aug 09, Capella (Wedding Live Band)

Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: Stand By Your Woman I got quite a shock when I received Bibo’s song list. Here’s what he wrote, “(I need) a band that can interpret and play a list of classic rock songs in a Jazz manner. It doesn’t have to be a straight re-interpretation of songs but I’d thought a Jazz musician is technically good enough to play and improvise rock songs. The whole song doesn’t have to sound like it, maybe it’s some kinda…

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