Changi Village Hotel

Changi Village Hotel Singapore Wedding Live Band Music Emcee Ballroom Reception

Bryant & Irene on 19 Jan 20 @ Village Hotel Changi (Square ballroom)

Bryant & Irene were introduced to each other through a common friend when they were in secondary school; they slowly got to know each other and had never looked back since. 12 years down the road, Bryant popped the question! Thank you for having Jee Yon (vocals + emcee) and Dennis (guitar) perform for your wedding celebration! They even had the band perform 《愛,很簡單》 “live” for their photo montage 🙂 Congratulations and here’s wishing you many many 12 blissful years…

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Village Changi Hotel Wedding Ballroom

Angie & Kwan Ming, 9 Jun 18, Village Changi Hotel (Wedding Live Band)

Band: Phoebee (vocals & emcee), Dayvid (Guitar), Selwyn (violin) Is 11 years a long duration for you? It would be, especially if it is part of your growing up years when you experience many changes from adolescence to adulthood. Angie and Kwan Ming dated for 11 years, from a year after they graduated from secondary school, and they never looked back! They opted to have their wedding celebration at the snazzy Village Changi Hotel: L-R: Angie & Kwan Ming Thank…

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Eddy and Andrene, 23 Jan 2010, La Cantina, Changi Village Hotel (Wedding Live Band)

Jo’s thoughts: My Heart Will Go On While big ballrooms are beautiful, it’s a whole new level of lovely to experience a wedding peopled entirely by all of 40 close relatives and friends, in the sparkling setting of La Cantina, a rave reviewed Italian bistro complete with a breezy outdoor pool and an azure sea view from the rooftop of Changi Village Hotel. Gorgeous view Each of the exclusive group of guests was wonderful, smiley and supportive, but the loveliest…

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Huey Fang and Choon Leng, 9 May 09, Changi Village Hotel (Wedding Live Band)

Zheng Quan’s Thoughts: Let There Be Love It was Choon Leng and Huey Fang’s wedding banquet at Changi Village Hotel. Feri and I soon arrived at the hotel. We met our other band member, Ein Ein at the lobby with perfect timing and headed on to the ballroom to set up our equipments. The night’s programme was almost typical of a wedding banquet; 1st Montage, 1st March-in & Cake cutting, 1st dish presentation, 2nd Montage, 2nd March-in & Champagne pouring…

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Ronnie and Chrislette, 17 Jan 09, Changi Village Hotel (Wedding Live Band)

Junxiong’s thoughts: Grow Old With You Ronnie and Chrisletts’s wedding is a really unique one to me as it comprises some traditional Filipino customs. One unforgettable practice is that whenever the guests strike their wine glasses with their cutlery, the groom gotta kiss the bride immediately till the guests are appeased!!! I would strongly suggest such a practice to be adopted into the Singapore wedding customs.. haa 🙂 Another unique feature seen in Ronnie & Chrislette’s wedding ceremony is that…

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“Your Perfect Day By The Sea”, Changi Village Hotel Wedding Showcase, 11 Oct 08

If you decide to get married at Changi Village Hotel, this is what it offers… Celebrities begin their journey of a lifetime by the sparkling blue waters of the Eastern shore at the award-winning Changi Village Hotel. You can do the same. For a wedding that makes you feel like a star, pledge your love to each other under the canopy of an azure sky. Get set to glow with the radiance of a blushing bride in a lush setting…

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