Jonathan & Chloe, 2 Nov 19 @ Chijmes Hall (Wedding Singer/Live Band Music)

Thank you Jonathan & Chloe for engaging Moxi (vocals) & GX (guitar) for your gorgeous wedding celebration. (Check out the photos below) Our heartiest congratulations to Jonathan & Chloe! 🙂 We are wowed by the greenery !! Boomerang Dance!   Repertoire: Can’t help falling in love Elvis Presley –  March in Best day of my life – American Authors – 2nd March in Colours April Smith and the great picture show Love Love Love – AU Master Avalanche City Bruises…

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Wedding Live Band Singer Emcee MC Chijmes Hall

Alvin & Esther, 26 May 19 @ CHIJMES Hall (Wedding Singer/Live Band/Emcee/MC)

Alvin and Esther had their holy matrimony ceremony right in the beautiful CHIJMES hall. Our guitarist Isaac also played a worship song for the couple’s friends to perform “You laid aside your Majesty” for their march-in. Thank you Alvin and Esther for entrusting the emceeing and live music to Mary (vocals & emcee) and Isaac (guitar & vocals). The couple selected only half the repertoire for the performance so that the band may maximise the participation of the guests by…

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Dianna & Keyuan, 27 Jan 19, CHIJMES Hall (Wedding Live Band/Music)

Dianna & Keyuan‘s first date was at CHIJMES, and that explains the choice of their wedding venue – CHIJMES Hall. This was where the magic happened for them on 27 Jan 19 (Keyuan even broke into a spontaneous rendition of the theme song from MPV 情人!!): A quick selfie before sound check (Bevlyn on vocals & Benjamin on piano): The wedding favour by CHIJMES Hall: The solemnisation conducted on the stage: We love love this re-enactment photo series of their…

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Chijmes Wedding Emcee

Eric & Joey, 3 Nov 18 @ CHIJMES Hall (Bilingual Wedding Emcee)

Do you see Chijmes Hall in a completely different light now that you have watched Crazy Rich Asians?? Eric and Joey‘s wedding was not silly at all like the one in the movie; in fact their wedding was such a fun one, because to everyone’s surprise, the couple danced lindy hop to the tune of L-O-V-E (Nat King Cole). Wow! Congratulations Eric & Joey! Thank you for engaging Regine to be your bilingual wedding emcee! L-R: Regine, Joey & Eric

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Chijmes Hall Wedding Live Band Bilingual Emcee

Thomas & Joys, 28 Oct 18, Chijmes Hall (Wedding Live Band & Emcee)

Who would have thought that your future mother-in-law could be your partner in crime for your wedding proposal? That happened to Thomas. Thomas’ proposal to Joys was done on their trip to Melbourne. They had engaged a local tour to the Great Ocean Road and before the trip, Thomas had done the homework of liaising with the guide on where and how he wanted the proposal to happen (on a beach at one of the pit stops). The day arrived…

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Live Band Chijmes Hall Wedding DnD Gala Dinner

The Private Museum 8th Anniversary Gala Dinner and Auction 2018 @ Chijmes Hall, 8 Jun 18 (Corporate Live Band)

We were excited when the word ‘auction’ was mentioned in the email enquiry, and who wouldn’t be? The Private Museum’s 8th Anniversary Gala Dinner and Auction promises nothing short of glitz and glam. We were honoured to be a part of this prestigious event, with Carol on vocals, Benjamin on piano, and Bobby on cajon/percussion. The specific theme was ‘Pop Art’, and the band decided on songs by David Bowie, Blondie, Bob Dylan etc to deliver the right atmosphere to…

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Venues with Existing Sound System for Live Bands (Cost-Saving!)

Do we really need an external set of sound system for live bands? From time to time, we have clients ask if an external sound system is necessary for a performance if there is an in-house PA system at their wedding venue. Our answer is always yes! But first, let us share the only 2 venues in Singapore we would reply with, “Yay you’ve got a great deal with the venue, you don’t have to hire an external set of…

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Alan and Peiru, 26 Jun 2010, Chijmes (Wedding Live Band)

Hui Bing’s thoughts: L-R: Ian, Junxiong, Alan, Peiru & Huibing Band: Huibing, Junxiong & Ian Repertoire: A Moment Like This (1st March-in), From This Moment, Dream a Little Dream, Close to You, 月亮代表我的心 (The Moon Represents My Heart), 但愿人长久 (May We Be Together Forever), 給我一個吻 (Gimme a Kiss), Grow Old With You, Can’t Take My Eyes Off You, Love Me Tender, Fly Me to the Moon I Knew I Love You (2nd march-in), Can’t Help Falling In Love, Love Me, If I Never Knew…

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Enid and Hyenyong, 1 May 2010, Chijmes (Wedding Live Band)

Imelda’s thoughts: In This Life Enid is a truly lovely and unique name. Many of us probably know this name from reading popular children’s books by author Enid Blyton. For those of you who are not aware, Enid is a female name. Thanks to KC from Tinydot Photography for all the lovely photos in this entry! When I arrived at Chijmes, Melvin was setting up the sound system, looking a little embarrassed. He then sheepishly revealed how he had mistakenly…

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Siew Choo and Yan Xiong, 3 Jan 2010, Chijmes (Wedding Live Band)

Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: 每天爱你多一些 (Every Day I Love You More) Siew Choo wasn’t kidding when she said her husband, Yan Xiong, was a man of few words. Yan Xiong hardly said more than a few sentences onstage; Siew Choo was the one who took the microphone and gave a thank-you speech. And what a speech it was. It was clearly unrehearsed, but Siew Choo’s sincerity shone through. There was a poignant moment when she acknowledged the absence of her father,…

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Fong Yee and Wenyao, 21 Nov 09, Chijmes (Wedding Live Band)

Shawn’s thoughts: Two Words Everything about chijimes was just so right for Wenyao and Fong Yee, from the venue to the decor…they even handpicked the band members! The couple displayed great elegance very subtly, and the band was deeply attracted to further pleasure the guests; to complete the tasteful evening the couple had prepared for them. It was a delicate evening of swing, and we swung like never before. A little girl of 6 dedicated a piano piece to the…

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(Wedding) Glendon and Rebecca, 29 Nov 08, Chijmes Hall

Clarence’s thoughts: Just The Two Of Us It seemed like deja vu when I stepped into the cavernous Chijmes Hall; I was performing at the exact place a week ago for Shawn and Karen. When I saw Juliet waiting for me, I broke into a huge grin. I’ve always enjoyed performing with her, and this time was no different. I loved her jazzy take on the Jason Mraz hit I’m Yours. The acoustics were great and resounding. In my interaction…

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(Wedding) Shawn and Karen, 22 Nov 2008, Chijmes

Clarence’s thoughts: I Will Be Here This was definitely a special one for me. I felt a close connection to this couple particularly as it was a Christian solemnization and wedding procession, held most fittingly at the grand Chijmes hall, which used to be a church. The groom, Shawn, also happened to be an architect (and me an interior designer)! It was also a special request of the couple and their pastor for the band to be of the same…

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Tze Yang and Jeanie, 26 Jul 08, Chijmes

Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: Grow Old With Me Just ask. You’ll never know until you try. Regular readers might think we sign contracts with our couples specifying that they must serenade each another, judging by the frequency this happens at our wedding performances. Not true at all. It helps that we’re very experienced in the art of persuasion, having seen how a singing groom or bride can instantly transform the atmosphere and energy in a ballroom, how tangible love can get…

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Jason and Cindy, 20 Oct 06, Chijmes

Bevlyn’s thoughts: Sway To The Music… Photo by Desmond Ho ( were singing halfway through when a friend of Cindy approached the band and requested to sing a song for her. The gutsy lady Pamela (who was rumoured to be a Singapore Idol contestant) requested to sing When I Fall In Love! According to her, Cindy is her very good friend because they had gone through some hardships together in Peru, or in her own words “through thick and thin”.…

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