Conrad Centennial Singapore

Godfrey and Kelly, 8 Jun 08 (Lunch), Conrad

Bevlyn’s thoughts: 月亮代表我的心 (The Moon Represents My Heart) Background: Godfrey was in System Support while Kelly was in Customer Service, in the same firm. One day, Kelly had to seek help from System Support for some PC problems. Fortunately for her, she guessed Godfrey’s name correctly, and that was how they got acquainted. But things only picked up, guess what, 2 years later, when they got together for a tennis session organised by a common friend! With the most interesting…

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Lilian and David, 7 Jun 08, Conrad

Bevlyn’s thoughts: Love Takes Flight The theme for the wedding was ‘Love Takes Flight’, and it was not due to the fact that David is a pilot, but more because the love between David and Lilian took flight after sharing their common interest – travailing – over many exchanges of emails! David’s training to become a pilot took place in Australia, and though disadvantaged in terms of distance, he went on to win Lilian’s heart by sending her flowers (through…

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Kwang Hoe and Joy, 23 Sep 06, Conrad Centennial

Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: Joyful, Joyful We Adore Thee L-R: Ein Ein, Bevlyn, Joy, Kwang Hoe, Hsin Yeow and BennyAll the photographs were lovingly captured by Wansheng Before we began the set for Kwang Hoe and Joy, Bevlyn turned to me and admitted, “I’m slightly nervous about singing, because I’ve had to learn quite a few songs just for this wedding.” I told her, “You’ll be fine.” And she was. I don’t think anyone in the audience could tell which songs…

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Gary and Rachel, 17 Jun 06, Conrad Hotel

Bevlyn’s thoughts: This Is The (Blue Moon) Day Gary and Rachel, photography by Peter from Daylight PhotosWhat struck me most about Gary and Rachel’s wedding were the little touches they used to make the whole wedding celebration a very personalised one: including a “live” video feed of the couple walking from into the ballroom for their first march-in; a special MTV video montage of the couple’s everyday lives; interview segments which shared how they met and what they like about…

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Tricia and Alvin, 7 Jan 06, Conrad Centennial

Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: Beautiful In My Eyes I love to listen to wedding speeches, if they are done properly. If I were to deliver one, I’d make sure it is either succinct, funny or touching. Alvin’s father gave a speech that was all of the above, and more. He had us all in stitches when he related how Alvin broke the news to him that he was attached to Tricia. At the time, Alvin was studying in Australia, and his…

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