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Benjamin & Ru Luan, 28 Mar 21 @ Grand Hyatt (Wedding Virtual Live Band + Emcee)

Elizabeth (vocals) and Caleb (piano) had a field day taking on song requests and reading out song dedications from Ben & Ru Luan’s wedding guests!   Special thanks to Ben & Ru Luan for taking up our virtual live band music and emcee (Bevlyn) for their wedding celebration. Here’s wishing you a wonderful and bountiful marriage ahead!   The lovely reception area outside the Grand Salon ballroom: The live band (Elizabeth & Caleb) were actually streaming in from an external…

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Hyatt Grand Residences Wedding Ballroom

Clarisse & Haziq, 12 Jan 20 @ Hyatt (Grand Ballroom) (Wedding Live Band Music/Singer)

Thank you Clarissa & Haziq for having Bevlyn (vocals) + Edwin (piano) for their wedding entertainment! We were blown away by this special yum-seng where nearly everyone congregated onto the aisle (photo below). Clarissa and Haziq even had their wedding entourage do a special march-in – “Feeling Good” by Michael Buble for the brothers, and Shanghai jazz classic “夜上海” for the sisters who walked down the aisle in cheongsam.   Repertoire: 1. La Vie En Rose (swing) 2. L.O.V.E –…

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Grand Hyatt Singapore Grand ballroom wedding

Joyce & Bernard, 4 May 19 @ Grand Hyatt Singapore (Grand Ballroom) (Wedding Live Band/Music)

Thank you Joyce & Bernard for engaging Moxi & GX for your wedding celebration, and for this lovely testimonial!   We wish you the best of luck and eternal love for each other! Repertoire: 1st march in – How long will I love you (Ellie Goulding) 2nd march in – How does a moment last forever 1. You got me (Colbie Caillet) 2. Can’t help falling in love 3. Sea of love 4. Close to you 5. Crazy for you…

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Grand Hyatt Singapore Ballroom 3 Wedding

Ee Liem and Sherrie, 16 Mar 19, Grand Hyatt (Ballroom 3) (Wedding Singing / Live Band / Emcee / MC)

Ee Liem and Sherrie got acquainted when they joined a group of friends to attend a concert. Fast forward a few years later, we are privileged to put up a ‘concert’ at their wedding!   Jee Yon was also engaged to separately host the wedding 😉 L-R: Jee You (emcee), GX (guitar), Ee Like & Sherrie, Moxi (vocals), Meimei (piano)   Thank you for entrusting us with your wedding entertainment and emcee! Here’s wishing the two of you a blessed…

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mentimeter hyatt gallery wedding

Alicia & Ellis, 3 Nov 18, Grand Hyatt (Gallery Room) (Wedding Emcee & Live Band)

L-R: Caleb (piano), Ellis & Alicia, Bevlyn (vocals & emcee) Alicia and Ellis had a breakthrough idea to promote interaction with their wedding guests – through the usage of Mentimeter ( , which allows their guests to provide their input! For instance “Which hospital was Alicia born in?” And “His poison of choice” (and most people got it right!): It was an innovative way of getting their wedding guests to know more about themselves and their relationship. And the punishment…

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Grand Hyatt Residences Wedding Live Band Emcee

Serena, 21 Oct 18, Grand Hyatt Residences (Wedding Live Band)

Thank you Serena for engaging Phoebee (vocals) & Kevin (vocals & guitar) to be your wedding live band entertainment! We were blown away by the splendour at Grand Hyatt Residences. Check out the photos below:   Repertoire: Rewrite the stars (The Greatest Showman OST) – 1st march-in 小情歌 – 2nd march-in Perfect Beautiful in white Sugar Can’t help falling in love All of me A thousand years Can you feel the love tonight What makes you beautiful Nothing’s gonna change…

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(Wedding) Cheng Liang and Jasmine, 9 Jul 2011, Grand Hyatt (The Gallery)

Junxiong’s thoughts: 每天爱你多一些 (I Love You More and More Each Day) Jasmine and Cheng Liang’s wedding was indeed a lovely and cosy one. It does not have the typical yum-seng rustles but was greeted by informal chit-chats and catch-ups with relatives and close friends throughout the entire lunch reception. Their lunch wedding was held at The Gallery, Grand Hyatt Hotel, which beautifully houses a spacious and luxurious lounge area right outside its contemporary ballroom, an apt venue for our wedding…

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Lim Koon and Susi, 16 Sep 2010, Hibiscus Room, Grand Hyatt (Wedding Live Band)

Junxiong’s Thoughts: 第几个100天 During Lim Koon and Susi’s wedding banquet, there were a few phrases that I remember vividly from the groom’s thank you speech:  “We have known each other for 6 year 8 months & 11days”, “though I am not the most romantic boyfriend, I promise I will be the most faithful husband…”. This subtly reveals to us how strong and deeply devoted this couple is towards each other. To add on, Susi was pleasantly surprised by Lim Koon’s…

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Alvina and Timothy, 10 Jul 2010, Grand Hyatt (Wedding Live Band)

Jerome’s Thoughts: Band: Jerome, Imelda, Ian Repertoire: Amazed (1st March-in), Crazy Little Thing Called Love, Can You Feel The Love Tonight, Have I Told You Lately, Fallen, How Do I Live, If We Hold On Together, Love Is All Around, Now That I’ve Found You, These Are The Moments Love Of A Lifetime (2nd March-in), Can’t Help Falling In Love, Only You, Rainbow Connection, You Light Up My Life, Fly Me To The Moon, I Swear, 爱很简单 (Love Is Simple), 爱你不是两三天…

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Rigan and Alice, 10 Apr 2010, Hibiscus Room, Grand Hyatt (Wedding Live Band)

Ariel’s thoughts: Lucky Alice and Rigan contacted A Little Dream way back in January this year and expressed their interest to engage a live band for their wedding in April. The lovely couple subsequently got in touch with me and came to watch my brief rehearsal at one of our clients’ weddings. Despite our brief encounter, I was deeply impressed with their Christian faith and understood that the couple wanted their guests to share their joy with songs of gratitude…

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Martin and Shandy, 23 Jan 2010, Magnolia Ballroom, Grand Hyatt (Wedding Live Band)

Serene’s thoughts: Love Story I have sung at many weddings, but to a receive sincere, heartwarming powerpoint presentation put together by the couple, addressed to the band to introduce themselves is a first. How sweet is that? From the presentation, we got a glimpse of who Martin and Shandy were, and how their love story evolved. This couple first met in 2000 and started going out in 2001. in between, Martin left for studies for two years, and he proposed…

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Jean and Ziyao, 23 Dec 09, Sir Stamford Room, Grand Hyatt (Wedding Live Band)

Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: 世界唯一的你 (The Only You In The World) A year ago, I met Ziyao and Jean at Bar Stop and started talking while listening to the marvellous Melissa and her band. Our conversation didn’t end until two hours later, and although I couldn’t remember the details of our conversation, we parted with a smile on our faces. When I met the couple again on their wedding day, our meeting at Bar Stop seemed like only yesterday, and I…

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Sheauhui and Edwin, 13 Dec 09, Grand Hyatt (Wedding Live Band)

Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: Fly Me To The Moon A common ‘grouse’ from couples who engage us is that they seldom get to sit down and properly enjoy our performance, simply because they are running around to change into another outfit or chat with their guests. So they recommend us to their friends who are also looking for a wedding band, so that they would be able to enjoy our music as guests. Sheauhui’s e-mail came after having received recommendations from…

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Weilin and Han Piow, 12 Dec 09, Hibiscus Room, Grand Hyatt (Wedding Live Band)

Imelda’s thoughts: Love Of My Life Han Piow has two loves in his life. Chicken rice was apparently the first, but that was till Weilin came along and replaced it as Han Piow’s reigning first love. Han Piow related how he realized that he was in love with Weilin and that she was THE ONE for him, and ironically, it was with the help of his other love – Chicken rice that Weilin steered her way through his tummy and…

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Vincent and Cheryl, 29 Nov 09, Hibiscus Room, Grand Hyatt (Wedding Live Band)

Melissa’s thoughts: Grow Old With You The highlight of Vincent and Cheryl’s wedding was most definitely Vincent’s courageous performance of the popular wedding song, “Grow Old With You”. The butterflies in my stomach have long since disappeared due to my years of performing, but I could still remember how daunting it was to perform in front of a live audience. It wasn’t easy for Vincent, since he had to sing and play the guitar at the same time. At the…

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Valerie and Hung Choong, 28 Nov 09, Sir Stamford Room, Grand Hyatt (Wedding Live Band)

Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: Can’t Take My Eyes Off You All grooms should take lessons from Hung Choong when it comes to making tear-inducing speeches. This guy is a natural. He was so successful Valerie’s tear ducts didn’t stand a chance. His strategy is to lower Valerie’s defences by smacking his lips loudly — muack! — to demonstrate how he felt when he first laid eyes on her. That got everyone laughing. They laughed even harder when he simulated his heart…

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Siew Mei and Ivan, 18 Oct 09, Sir Stamford Room, Grand Hyatt (Wedding Live Band)

Jo’s thoughts: 今天你要嫁给我 (I’ll be Marrying You Today!) Last Sunday was highly memorable because a) it was the day before my birthday b) the day after I got a horrible fever and throat infection and most importantly c) the actual day of Siew Mei and Ivan’s wedding lunch at the Grand Hyatt. Siew Mei and Ivan are a very charming, very hands on couple whose long love affair and deep chemistry show very strongly…even leading up to the all important…

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Jan and Ian, 10 Oct 09, Hyatt Hotel (Wedding Live Band)

Judy’s Thoughts: Jazz it Up! It was a jazzy night out at Jan and Ian’s wedding!  Together with Matthew on keys and Fabian on saxophone, I had fun giving my own spin to Jan and Ian’s jazz selections. I felt the songs fitted the setting as well.  The Grand Hyatt ballroom was real neat, with black tablecloth and gold cutlery.  Very chic.  It’s no wonder the couple wanted an all-jazz night. The couple’s choices were very well-received.  The guests really enjoyed our repertoire; Matthew’s groovy playing and Fabian’s…

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Erik and Hana, 1 Aug 09, Sir Stamford Ballroom, Grand Hyatt (Wedding Live Band)

Hsin Yeow’s Thoughts: This Will Be An Everlasting Love It was a first date like no other. Who in the right mind would wear old, faded clothes, ride a borrowed motorbike and bring his date to Beach Road hawker centre? And who in the world would agree to see that yellow-haired dude again? Well, Erik and Hana, of course. Even though Erik gave Hana the impression that the date didn’t really matter, he must have done something right, because Hana…

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