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Wenqi & Sherman, 28 Sept 19, Holiday Inn Atrium (Changi ballroom) (Wedding Singer/Emcee/Live Band Music)

Wenqi & Sherman got to know each other at work, and bonded through kickboxing classes. As fate would have it, they even won a free room at Regent Hotel at a wedding fair! (The staycation was especially memorable because Sherman took the chance to proposed to Wenqi in the room) Thank you for engaging Khim (vocals & emcee) and Jee Yon (vocals + guitar) for your wedding entertainment, they had a blast! And thank you for the lovely review: Here’s…

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(Wedding) Andrew & Michelle, 14 May 2011, Holiday Inn Atrium (Atrium Ballroom)

Bevlyn’s Thoughts: The Prayer There is something special about the songs Andrew and Michelle have chosen. First of all, they’ve chosen a traditional instrumental song “Here Comes The Bride” for their 1st march-in. Honestly, I love it, cos though it may sound ‘passé’ to some people, I thought that hearing this music truly brings out the essence of a wedding: And instead of using a CD to play some upbeat song for the 1st dish, the couple decided on the…

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Brian and Penny, 11 Dec 2010, Holiday Inn Atrium

Hui Ming’s thoughts: Coming soon!   Band: Hui Ming, Qiuyun L-R: Hui Ming, Brian, Penny, Qiuyun Repertoire: Ave Maria (1st march-in), Your Love (Is The Greatest Gift Of All), Lovely, Love Story, Eternal Flame, Have I Told You Lately, Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love For You, I Only Wanna be With You, Kiss Me, L-O-V-E, Love Me, One Boy One Girl Wonderful Tonight, Shakespeare In Love, A Whole New World, Something About You, At The Beginning, 喜歡你 (I Like You),…

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Ray and Pauline, 23 Jan 2010, Holiday Inn Atrium (Wedding Live Band)

Jerome’s Thoughts: 一见你就笑 (I Smile When I See You) I believe in loving someone for who they really are… Ray believes in that too, and Pauline is the lucky woman in his life. Ray showed his emotional side when he teared slightly during the gate-crashing session, and during his speech for the guests. He was truly overwhelmed, and deep down inside, I am sure that he feels very lucky to be able to marry Pauline. We rendered a numbers of…

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Chevonne and Wee Loon, 26 Sep 09, Holiday Inn Atrium (Wedding Live Band)

Junxiong’s thoughts: 浪花一朵朵 (Wave) If you ever had doubts of your showmanship on stage, a live peformance at your own wedding dinner reception will be a good way to overcome it. And that’s exactly what our newly weds Wee Loon and Chevonne did. The couple gave all the guests a pleasant surprise when they suddenly sing and walk gracefully into the ballroom during their 2nd march-in. And trust me, their serenading of the 2nd march-in song 浪花一朵朵 was splendid, winning…

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Jiahui and Zhiyong, 21 Sep 09, Holiday Inn Atrium (Wedding Live Band)

Ein Ein’s thoughts: The Gift 这次,终于到我负起这个重任…(手抖..).. 想起了n年前,我曾为 ALD blog 了一个婚礼。想起了那样的战战兢兢,更想不到当年的‘小学生作文’还有今天的下集… (汗,真感谢 Hsin Yeow 和 Bev 的信任)。 好,开始了哦!:) (认真) ===== 这次的band,让我重遇好久不见的炯顺。因为他工作上过于忙碌,已经有段时间没有一起合作了。炯顺是我的老拍挡,我们从 ALD 刚成立时,就时常合作了。所以这次终于再次相聚,实在让我很期待:) 炯顺因为担心会生疏,所以我们也特地在他工作午休时间,抽出空挡来讨论和练习。目的就是呈献最好的演出,希望为 Jiahui 和 Zhiyong 的婚宴增添喜悦浪漫的气氛。这次的曲目不例外,也是由新人亲自挑选的,我想作为筹备婚宴的这一部分–小两口决定要用哪首爱的主题曲,考虑来宾喜爱听什么歌–这应该是充满乐趣的吧。:) 新人选的 1st march in 是浪漫的合唱曲 The Gift,first dish 则是轻快的 L-O-V-E。当我弹奏到间中的部分,突然听到一把非常稳健的声音,请大家开始用餐,并介绍我们的Band。这不是别人,正是‘我们家’的 Judy!这让我非常惊讶!原因是和 Judy 合作了几次,从来不知道原来她也有主持的才华!好厉害!:-D 我想,新人显然非常懂来宾的心――当晚的每一首歌,都获得了许多掌声。让我们三人也表演的很尽兴。(看到来宾们放下手中的筷子来鼓掌,我很想对桌上的美食说 sorry。:P)后来Uncle, (应该是新娘的爸爸),还过来递给我们一个红包!实在太好人了啦。:-D haha.. Nigel 是..(新郎名)的 brother,也是当晚婚宴的 coordinator。整个晚上看得出他非常的尽心尽力,确保一切进行顺利无误,同时也很照顾我们。这样的认真,也让他们俩的兄弟情不言而喻。 2nd march in 之后,新人敬完酒就回席,真是让我手足无措!因为少了新人的献辞,我..我..我要blog什么呢?可是现在回想起来,虽然少了言辞,但从现场许多欢乐温馨的画面,真的不难感觉到他们与亲友来宾之间的深厚感情。 身为键盘手,虽然很少有机会能和新人互动,(除了结束时握手言谢和拍照)虽然只是静静坐在一旁弹琴,但能参与其中,分享这份喜悦, 我还是觉得快乐和幸福的。:) 最后…, 献上深深的祝福!^__^ Band: Judy, Ein Ein, Wilson Repertoire: The Gift (1st March in), L-O-V-E (1st Dish), 爱很简单, 每天愛你多一些, Way Back Into Love, When I Fall In Love,…

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Elsie and Andrew, 16 Jan 09, Changi Ballroom, Holiday Inn Atrium (Wedding Live Band)

Matthew’s thoughts: ‘S Wonderful! In the span of just 2 months, I’ve already done 2 weddings in the Changi Terrace of Holiday Inn Atrium!  As some of you might remember from my previous blog entry, they give out the pretty melamine saucer plates as wedding favours! (STILL can’t get my hands on one. sigh.) Having the solemnization ceremony held outdoors at the open-air area next to the ballroom (it’s not just a glorified smoking-area!) Andrew and Elsie did well in engaging…

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(Wedding) Susie and Ivan, 6 Dec 08, Changi Ballroom, Holiday Inn Atrium

Matthew’s thoughts: Close To You After too many name changes, it was amazing that Boon Chye and I managed to find Holiday Inn Atrium – it just wasn’t in our 2003 Street Directories! (The hotel used to be known as “Glass Hotel”. Ah ha!) Anyway, I remember the night for a couple of reasons: I’m not sure if it was the couple or the hotel, but the minute I saw the wedding favours for each guest on the table, I…

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(Wedding) Jane and Sutowo, 6 Dec 08, Sembawang Room, Holiday Inn Atrium

Hui Bing’s thoughts: 最好的事 (The Best Thing) I have so much to blog about Jane and Sutowo’s wedding. I could start with: – How Jane has changed certain words in the song 最好的事 (The Best Thing) to suit the occasion. Eg she changed ‘winter’ to ‘wedding’ in the first line to the chorus – 眼看着时间咻的一下子过去 到了冬季 婚礼’ – quite appropriate! – The duet 恋爱频率 (Love Frequency) that they decided to do, right at the beginning of the wedding. It was…

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Oliver and Patricia, 8 Aug 08, Holiday Inn Atrium

Hui Bing’s thoughts: That’s When I Love You It’s another lively and beautiful wedding on this magical and auspicious date – 080808. To start the wedding on a grand note, Oliver and Patricia had their parents enter the ballroom with them during the first march-in. Though this is the not first time I had seen such an entrance, I thought it is really a good idea to involve the parents in the wedding programme, apart from the toasting ceremony. And…

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Official Band for “Vows of a Lifetime Wedding Showcase”, 2 Aug 08, Holiday Inn Atrium

We’re excited to be the official band for Holiday Inn Atrium’s upcoming wedding fair on 2 August! More details below: Vows of a lifetime Wedding Showcase Date: 2 August 2008, Saturday Time: 11am – 7pm Venue: Atrium Ballroom, Level 4 Address: Holiday Inn Atrium Hotel, 317 Outram Road Entry to the wedding showcase is complimentary, however registration will be required. If you’re among the first 100 couples to turn up, you’ll receive a complimentary (terms and conditions apply) International Buffet…

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Xinyun and Terrence, 19 May 08, Holiday Inn Atrium

Bevlyn’s thoughts: When You Wish Upon A Star My strongest memory of Xinyun and Terrence was their going down to one Rochester to ‘preview’ our band many months before the wedding date, and I came to understand the need for them to do so – Xinyun is a teacher, and we all know that teachers are really swamped with work right! The repertoire they had chosen was a well-mix of jazz, English and Mandarin classics, and Hokkien songs. I only…

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