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Choon How & Jun Ying, 15 Dec 19 @ Orchard Hotel (Wedding Singer/Emcee/Live Band Music)

We were all impressed when we heard about Choon How’s proposal to Jun Ying – he had it ALL figured out. Jun Ying had been wanting to go to Japan for a vacation and was super excited about it, so he decided to seize the opportunity to propose to her during that trip to increase his success rate. To further fortify his proposal,  he proposed to her on a swan boat in the middle of Lake Kawaguchiko with Mt Fuji…

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Orchard Hotel Wedding Live Band MC Emcee

Yiwen & Zihui, 17 Nov 19, Orchard Hotel (Wedding Live Band & Emcee/MC)

Yiwen was so busy at work that he only managed to send us his preferred song list and wedding programme 2 days before his big day 😀 But with Jeremy (on emcee and vocals) and Clarence (on guitar), we were happy to assure Yiwen that everything would be in good order. Thank you for having them for your wedding celebration, and thank you for this lovely compliment !!   Here’s wishing Yiwen & Zihui a happy and love-filled future together!”…

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Jerald & Esther, 30 Oct 17, Orchard Hotel

Band: Ariane (vocals), Dennis (guitar), Bevlyn (emcee) Jerald and Esther toyed with the idea of singing at their wedding, but eventually decided against it. However the festivity of the wedding celebration must have rubbed Jerald off, because in the middle of dinner, he decided to serenade his bride (much to her delight of course 💓). Our guitarist Dennis broke into Jerald’s choice of song immediately after his wedding speech. What a lovely surprise for everyone!! Congratulations Jerald and Esther! L-R: Jerald,…

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Jad & Jaymee, 23 Jan 2011, Orchard Hotel

Bevlyn’s Thoughts: Lucky I’ve known Jad for more than a decade, and it was a true joy to attend his wedding dinner. Jad had initially not wanted a live band for his wedding dinner (I was cool about it of course) but strangely, he and Jaymee engaged a 4-pc band (with percussion) in the end! Looks like he likes to either not do it at all, or do it with style… 🙂 To top it off, Jad and Jaymee had…

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Kelvin and Joanne, 12 Sep 2010, Orchard Hotel (Wedding Live Band)

Tanya’s thoughts: Amazed The highlight of the night was definitely Kelvin’s performance of Amazed. I think he definitely made some jaws drop with his powerful singing. Kelvin also presented Joanne with a huge bouquet of red roses at the end of the song. What a romantic! Band: Jerome, Tanya, Adeline and Fabian L-R: Tanya, Adeline, Joanne, Kelvin, Fabian, JeromeRepertoire: From This Moment (1st March in), Love Story, For The First Time, Angels Brought Me Here, You’re Still The One, My…

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Zongda and Subin, 16 Jan 2010, Orchard Hotel (Wedding Live Band)

Junxiong’s thoughts: I Still Believe… During the NTU Freshmen Orientation camp in 2003, a smart young fellow first laid eyes on a charming jovial lady. And faster than you could ever imagine (within a week of courtship as per cited by the emcee, William), they started their first date, and the story goes on till now… This is the sweet and fascinating love story of Zongda and Subin! Actually, it is rather rare for the band to have close interactions…

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Jian An and Seong Leng, 9 Jan 2010, Orchard Hotel (Wedding Live Band)

Ariel’s thoughts: 有你真好 For every memorable wedding, there is a group of dedicated brothers and sisters who have put in tremendous effort to ensure that it proceeds without a hitch and leaves a lasting impression on every guest. Seong Ling and Jian An were blessed with such a bunch of loving friends, who played the roles of emcees, co-ordinators, drivers and even dancer! One of the sisters, Lizhen, revealed to us prior to the dinner that she was a dancer at…

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Sihui and Hugo, 29 Nov 09, Orchard Hotel (Wedding Live Band)

Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: Step by Step There’s a song by Whitney Houston called “Step by Step”, and the lyrics go like this: And there’s a road I have to follow, a place I have to go Well no-one told me just how to get there But when I get there I’ll know Cuz I’m taking it Step by step, bit by bit, Stone by stone (Yeah), brick by brick Step by step, day by day, mile by mile I was…

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Kym and Jonathan, 11 Oct 09, Orchard Hotel (Wedding Live Band)

Hsin Yeow’s Thoughts: Ti Amo Poor Kym was not feeling well a week before her wedding. But looking at her radiant face on her wedding day, you wouldn’t have known she had difficulty getting out of bed just a few days before. Kym and Jon had several sporting friends who were intent on making the couple’s first entrance into the ballroom an eye- and ear-popping one. It wasn’t quite the 21-gun salute, but more than ten confetti guns were fired…

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Gladys and Quee Tiong, 16 May 09, Orchard Hotel (Wedding Live Band)

Hsin Yeow’s Thoughts: 甜甜的 (Sweetness) Performing at Gladys and Quee Tiong’s wedding was, in a word, sweet. First, the songs they picked were mostly light-hearted and bubbly (e.g. 爱爱 (Love Love), Love Paradise, 甜蜜蜜 (Honey Sweet), 今天你要嫁给我 (You’re Going to Marry Me Today), I Do (Cherish You), 小酒窝 (Small Dimples)), perfect for an acoustic setting. Second, Gladys’ friends prepared a special video just for her, to celebrate their friendship. They obviously put in a lot of effort; apart from heartfelt…

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Shaun and Mary Lou, 22 Jan 09, Orchard Hotel (Wedding Live Band)

Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: Never Say Goodbye You know you have a bunch of wonderful friends when they spare no effort to make sure you have a great wedding. In Shaun’s case, his friends decided to engage a band to provide live music. Being music lovers themselves, they realised it would be a gift Shaun would appreciate. Luckily for me, one of Shaun’s closest friends was Jasmine. I was glad when Jasmine and Keith, both long-time friends of Shaun, gave speeches.…

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(Wedding) Irma and Yang Lim, 9 Nov 08, Orchard Hotel

Bevlyn’s thoughts: A Moment Like This Irma and Yang Lim’s love story got me thinking – for 2 persons with a passion for a sport as vigorous as touch rugby, they are way too shy when it comes to love affairs: “I was in ladies touch rugby team of Singapore Recreational Club (SRC). Yang Lim was in the guys rugby team. In 2001, our club organised touch rugby competitions, and both of us were in the committee… Around 6 months…

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Wei Ping and Kenny, 8 Jun 08, Orchard Hotel

Jonathan Ang’s thoughts: The Way You Look Tonight Wei Ping and Kenny’s wedding was a straightforward yet elegant affair which the band members and myself enjoyed playing at. The couple decided to go for something on a smaller scale, a ballroom with only 15 tables or so. Personally, I very much enjoy playing at such settings as the atmosphere is always more cozy and intimate. Thankfully, the couple managed to book edmundleong.com in time for him to take these beautiful…

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