Swissotel Stamford

Rupak & Vivian, 1 Mar 20 @ SKAI Lounge (Level 69) (Wedding Singer/ Live Band Music)

Thank you Rupak & Vivian for engaging Bevlyn (vocals) & Kevin (guitar & vocals) to perform at their wedding celebration. We were really happy to have their local and international guests sing along to some of the songs with us! Here’s wishing the lovely couple a blessed marriage ahead! Repertoire: 1. L-O-V-E – Nat King Cole [1st march-in] 2. I’m yours – Jason Mraz [2nd march-in] 3. My girl – The Temptations 4. Crazy little thing called love – Queen…

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Dr Jim & Jen’s 55th Wedding Anniversary, 5 Dec 2019 @ SKAI Lounge (String Quartet)

We perform a lot at weddings, but performing at wedding anniversaries gives us the warmest fuzzy feeling. Dr Jimmy and his wife Jen celebrated 55 years of marriage at SKAI Lounge , and our string quartet was privileged to be a part of this heart-warming and joyous occasion. They specially request for the quartet to perform Fifth Anniversary Waltz, and to our delight, the guests broke into mass singing!!O Our heartiest congratulations Dr Jim & Jen, may you enjoy many…

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Jason & Liupin, 18 May 19 @ Skai (Level 69) (Wedding Live Band/Stroller/Strolling)

Here is Jason & Liuping during their 1st march-in with the soft sunlight that permeates the full-length side windows. We never get tired of coming to Level 69 (SKAI) because of the breath-taking view! Thank you for engaging Jixiang (guitar) and Selwyn (violin), one of our instrumental duos for strolling performances. There was a touching moment during the wedding celebration – the couple requested for Jixiang and Selwyn to perform ‘You Raise Me Up‘ as a tribute to a pair…

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Level 69 Wedding Ballroom

Whitney & Keagen, 23 Feb 19, Level 69 (Wedding Live Band/Emcee/MC)

We were literally on Level 69, as the name goes…. Check out this breath-taking view: The light from the window was perfect for a luncheon: The band takes a quick selfie before they start ‘work’: (L-R): Dayvid (guitar), Selwyn (violin), Phoebee (vocals & emcee) And they were swamped with song requests that afternoon! Thank you for having us a part of your wedding celebration Whitney & Keagen, we wish you a wonderful and bountiful marriage ahead! 🙂 Check out a…

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Wedding Emcee/MC at Skysuite@Equinox

Jia Qing & Ying Ting, 8 Dec 18, Skysuite@Equinox (Bilingual Wedding Emcee/MC)

Vivienne was engaged to emcee at Jia Qing & Ying Ting‘s wedding celebration, and it was a privilege to witness their union at their solemnisation: Justice of Peace (JP) was Mr Zenon Tay One of the highlights of the wedding, was none other than Jia Qing’s uncle, who performed 2 songs on his harmonica for everyone. And since a photo doesn’t do justice to the ambience he brought on (he brought the house down, basically), here are some videos: Jia…

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zhaowei angelia bevlyn

Zhaowei & Angelia, 7 Jan 18, Swissotel Stamford (Wedding Live Band & Emcee)

I thought that I had seen it wrongly, but no, the tissue paper from the waiter was meant for the groom. Zhaowei is no ordinary groom. Let me explain how he spoilt the market for everyone present that day. (Band: Bevlyn (vocals), Sharon (Piano) But let’s start from the very beginning. For all the wedding ‘duties’ Angelia and Zhaowei had to undertake, the selection of songs was entrusted to Zhaowei. The 400+ songs in our master repertoire were not daunting for Zhaowei, in fact he took…

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Lawrence and Jasmine, 18 Sep 2010, Canning Ballroom, Swissotel The Stamford (Wedding Live Band)

Tanya’s Thoughts: Lady In Red Opening the night of celebrations was literally a ‘small’ surprise planned by Lawrence and Jasmine, where they had little flower girls and page boys do a march-in ahead of them. It was also the largest contingent of brothers that we’ve ever seen – all 13 of them, lending their support to the groom in his early morning efforts to pick up the bride. Impressive! And they were in top form again at night, as demonstrated in the…

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Felene and Lionel, 17 Sep 2010, Swissotel The Stamford (Wedding Live Band)

Bevlyn’s Thoughts: 月圆花好 (Full Moon Blooming Flowers) This wedding has the most fusion songlist I’d ever sung! It’s not a bad thing at all, because I’m quite sure nobody felt left out by the live band! To prove my point, we started off with the French song titled “Le festin” which is taken off the movie soundtrack ‘Ratatouille‘,, and it could not be a more suitable song for the 1st dish because it means “the feast”! Here’s the translation of the lyrics:…

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Chee Ming and Poh Lee, 29 May 2010, Padang, Swissotel (Wedding Live Band)

Bevlyn’s thoughts: L-O-V-E It has been some time since I sang at Swissotel, and the Padang room, being the most rectangular in shape among the 3, provides a great view of the stage for the guests, as well as the guests for us – the performers! Everyone was gathered in celebration for the lovely couple who got to know each other through work, and as fate would have it, the rest is history! I like the selection of songs chosen…

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Wenliang and Cherlyn, 23 Jan 2010, Poolside, Swissotel The Stamford (Wedding Live Band)

Eleanor’s thoughts: Band: Eleanor, Feri   Repertoire: A Love That Will Last, Come Fly With Me, Can’t Take My Eyes Off You, Dream A Little Dream, Fallen, Pretty World, Time After Time, Moon River, Lover’s Concerto, They Can’t Take That Away From Me So Nice, The Look Of Love, Close To You, Sway, Put Your Head On My Shoulder, The Way You Look Tonight, If We Hold On Together, 甜蜜蜜 (Honey Sweet), 月亮代表我的心 (The Moon Represents My Heart) Compliments: Hi…

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Shijun and Nelly, 16 Jan 2010, Stamford Ballroom, Swissotel The Stamford (Wedding Live Band)

Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: Twelfth Of Never Nelly and Ruoying (Shijun’s sister) were roommates in University. When Shijun, who was studying in the same University, wanted to get to know Nelly better, naturally he sought the help of Ruoying. According to Shijun, the process wasn’t so smooth. Rouying advised him against it, saying, “Don’t go after Nelly!” (Do note that when Shijun was telling me the story, he had a mischievous glint in his eye.) Ruoying, bless her, did help to…

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Jinrong and Shiying, 26 Dec 09, Canning Ballroom, Swissotel The Stamford (Wedding Live Band)

Judy’s Thoughts: 小夫妻 (Small Couple)  It was a fun gig with Jerome. The couple decided to put Jerome and me right up there on stage with bright spotlights shining on us. It was as though we were holding our own mini concert. Shiying & Jinrong I definitely enjoyed myself up on stage as I could see all the guests, and could interact with them much better in that way.The guests really enjoyed the music and they reacted positively to our interaction and was often…

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Boon Siang and Juliana, 16 Oct 09, Stamford Ballroom, Swissotel The Stamford (Wedding Live Band)

Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: Angels Brought Me Here It is so rare for Boon Siang and Juliana to have a tiff that they could count on one hand the number of times that happened. In fact, Boon Siang told his wedding guests the longest time they stayed mad at each other was about half a day at most. Juliana also found it surprising that wedding preparations went so smoothly. They agreed on almost every decision, and when they didn’t, one party…

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Comstor Singapore’s Anniversary Dinner, 11 Apr 09, Equinox (Wedding Live Band)

Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: Pretty World Sometimes our band takes a break from performing to lovestruck couples and sings at corporate functions instead. This involves switching gears, and we need to get used to performing in front of a very different crowd. The guests at Comstor Singapore’s Anniversary Dinner still found time from high-powered networking to appreciate the music from Eleanor, Matthew and Brad, who performed a repertoire of jazz and standards. The trio was so well-received, the organiser asked for…

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Johnny and Jerlynn, 20 Jun 09, Collyer Ballroom, Swissotel The Stamford (Wedding Live Band)

Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: I Finally Found Someone “Hi Hsin Yeow, Jerlynn and I lived in the same neighbourhood and attended the same primary school. We didn’t catch each other’s eye even though we bumped into each other a couple of times while growing up. I went to Australia to pursue a degree, and when I returned home, I met her by chance at Starbucks on Christmas Day 2006. I was waiting for a friend, and when I saw her through…

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Pearlyn and Julian, 10 May 09, Canning Ballroom, Swissotel The Stamford (Wedding Live Band)

Hui Ming’s thoughts: 你是我心内的一首歌 (You’re A Song In My Heart) 通常婚禮來説,哪一個數字會是最突出的呢? 應該是“2”吧。 結婚是2個人的事 也是2家人的事。 戒指是2枚。 象徵性的鴛鴦也是2只。 什麽都是雙雙對對的。 想不到這一次婚禮, 數字2應用在我身上也那麽得貼切。 地點是第2次在那兒表演。 ZQ是第2次一起合作。 Joel也是第2此一企合作。 真巧。 很高興又有機會跟ZQ和Joel 合作 他們兩個都很健談可愛。 虽是工作,也玩得很开心。 一對新人長得實在年輕 光看樣子,仿佛剛踏出校園似的。 但新郎致詞時說他們竟愛情長跑了12年之久! 不可思議! 那他們到底是幾嵗開始拍拖的呢? 始終不太好意思問。 就讓它成爲一個美麗的問號吧。 As Hui Ming mentioned above, don’t Julian and Pearlyn look incredibly youthful?Band: Hui Ming, Zheng Quan, Joel L-R: Zheng Quan, Hui Ming, Patsy, Pearlyn, Julian, JoelRepertoire: Somewhere Over The Rainbow/ What A Wonderful World, Beautiful Sunday, Can You Feel The Love Tonight, I Do (Cherish You),…

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Michelle and Bernard, 26 Apr 09, Equinox (Wedding Live Band)

Melissa’s thoughts: It Might Be You Bernard and Michelle’s wedding was an enjoyable one. It was a quiet but cosy affair. There were people who were listening to the music and applauding after every song, which made the band feel very appreciated =) The band also dedicated “(I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons” to the lovely couple of the night. There was also a special performance by Howard who sang “It Might Be You” by Stephen Bishop, very romantic and…

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(Wedding) Tiong Keat and Han Han, 7 Dec 08, Stamford Ballroom, Swissotel The Stamford

Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: Someone To Love Who wears the pants in this relationship? Seeing that both of them work in the Army, I’m sure Tiong Keat and Han Han can be assertive when they need to. The entertaining photo-montage we saw at the start of the banquet had this unique analogy: Tiong Keat prefers the Times Roman (font) while Han Han think Arial is better. Anyone who can shed some light into what this means in terms of their personalities,…

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(Wedding) Angela and Jordan, 5 Dec 08, Collyer Ballroom, Swissotel The Stamford

The wedding of Jordan and Angela was held at Swissotel The Stamford, in the Collyer Ballroom which was set elegantly with pastel drapes and hanging chandeliers adorned with roses. From a very adorable cartoon video montage, we learnt that Jordan and Angela met at the chic nightspot “ChinaBlack”. Jordan was interested in Angela but was aware she had many suitors. When he gathered the courage to ask Angela for a date, he was rejected. Throughout the video montage, there were…

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