Tucked deep up the hills of Labrador Park, Thai restaurant Tamarind Hill is the perfect place to head to if you’d like some exclusivity. Zhengquan was invited to perform for the restaurant’s Songkran celebration because he can sing Thai songs. Here’s one for your listening pleasure (this Thai ballad is beautiful):

We also lucked out because we were invited to join in the mouth-watering buffet for the day:

When we speak Thai cuisine, mango sticky rice is a must-haves! Yummy˜

Rice in jasmine-scented water, best after-meal finisher that tastes good and natural mouth-freshener after the heavy meal. Brilliant dish!

Look at how fast the meat and mushrooms are vanishing from the plates!

Light & refreshing green papaya salad, anyone?

SongKhran is Thai’s national new year event. Naturally, throwing water is a blessing (and a must) as part of the celebration, so it was no surprise that the staff were wet/drenched by the end of the afternoon. We escaped unscattered (with pleading looks on our faces), but check this out:

Thank you Tamarind Hill for engaging Zhengquan and Melvin (guitar) to celebrate this event!! They both rock the stage in such cool (Thai) style! We’ve thrown in a few thai songs at the end to jazz up the lively atmosphere. 


You are the reason



Crazy little thing called love

Ain’t no sunshine

Because I love you (shakin Stevens)

Better man

Hero (enrique)

She’s the one


Truly Madly Deeply

What’s up

Take me home, take me home

Can’t help falling love

Just the way you are (Bruno)

What a wonderful world

Nothing’s gonna change my love for you

I’m yours

Can’t take my eyes off you

Calories Blah Blah (Thai song) – Thai Title: คนที่ไม่เข้าตา

DA Endorphine (Thai song) – Thai Title: ได้ยินไหม

The night that the stars are full of pooh bear (Thai song) – Thai Title: คืนที่ดาวเต็มฟ้า หมีพูห์

Love doesn’t change by Tik Shiro (Thai song) – Thai Title: รักไม่ยอมเปลี่ยนแปลง – ติ๊ก ชิโร่

Important thing by Endorphine (Thai version) – Thai Title: สิ่งสำคัญ