Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: Let There Be Love

This was probably a dream gig for Jonathan. All he had to do was play a solo set as part of Toblerone’s marketing campaign.

When he arrived at the venue, he donned a bright yellow vest and got to work, attracting many passers-by who also got free Toblerone singles from a team of male talents who greeted them with a cheery, “Happy Valentine’s Day!”

A big thank-you to the marketing gurus behind the campaign, who believed in getting a musician to play live music instead of just using a CD. According to them, they loved Jon’s playing!



Musician: Jonathan Lim


Let There Be Love, L-O-V-E, Cheek To Cheek, So Nice, Fly Me To The Moon, Dream A Little Dream, Let’s Fall In Love, It Had To Be You, Come Fly With Me, Beyond The Sea