A Master of Ceremonies, or MC, is the glue that holds an event together. The MC sets the tone for your event, and bears the responsibility of ensuring that your programme runs smoothly and your guests feel at ease and well taken care of. Should there be any hitches or unforeseen changes, a good MC is flexible enough to roll with the punches, and can discreetly deal with these while avoiding any disruption to the flow of the event.

At a private function such as a wedding, an MC’s job is to reach out to a diverse audience of all ages, and to draw their attention and focus to the ‘stars of the show.’ This is why our MCs always try to get to know their clients before hosting such an event, so as to lend a warm, personal touch to their script!

At corporate events, the MC is an ambassador for your organisation. He or she helps foster camaraderie and bonding amongst the guests, and can infuse even the most businesslike events with energy and enjoyment. An experienced corporate MC can also facilitate icebreaker activities and lively interactive games to really get the crowd going!

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