What events do you perform for?

We perform for weddings, birthday parties, wedding anniversaries, and corporate events (Gala dinners; D&D; Retail launches/openings; Award-shows etc. Our clients include Dior, Interpol World, McDonald’s, APEC, etc)

Am I able to select the singers I prefer?

Yes definitely. Every singer has his/her unique tone and style of delivery and we’d love for you to have a voice you’re smitten with. Click here to browse through our singers’ profiles and videos and let us know your top 3 preferred singers so that we may come back to you ASAP on their availability. If you prefer that we recommend singers to you, do let us know:

1) your preferred genre(s) of music – pop/jazz/classics/mixed 

2) languages required (e.g. English, Mandarin, Foreign languages, Dialects etc)

3) if you require the singer to double up as monolingual/bilingual emcee

… and we’ll be happy to recommend a few singers who match your criteria. Simple as that! (or if you have a list of songs in mind, email us!)

Do note that there may be multiple couples/clients enquiring for a singer for the same time slot, but we are only able to secure the singer for your event upon receipt of a deposit.

Can I select the songs that I’d like the band to perform at my event?

Definitely! Each of our singers has their own (long list of) master repertoire, so be assured that you’ll have more than enough titles to select from. If you have titles outside of the listed repertoire, just let us know. We love to learn new songs, but we seek your kind understanding that we do not accept more than 3 new songs per event so as not to compromise on the quality of the overall performance.

How can I fit ‘live’ music into my programme? (Wedding)

Here is a typical programme run down for your reference. We understand that every wedding is unique; so if your timeline differs, or if you have more items (e.g. speeches/first dance/dance segment, etc) for your event, let us know and we will be happy to advise further:

11am: Set up and sound check by live band
1255am: Photo Montage (optional)
100pm: 1st March-in + Cake-cutting + 1st dish Fanfare
110pm: 1st set of ‘live’ music (45mins)
155pm: Video Highlights (optional)
200pm: 2nd march-in (optional) + Yum-seng (optional) + Speeches (optional)
215pm: 2nd set of ‘live’ music till around 3pm (45mins)

6pm: Setup and sound check by live band
825pm: Photo Montage (optional)
830pm: 1st March-in + Cake-cutting + 1st dish Fanfare
840pm: 1st set of ‘live’ music (45mins)
925pm: Video Highlights (optional)
930pm: 2nd march-in (optional) + Yum-seng (optional) + Speeches (optional)
945pm: 2nd set of ‘live’ music till around 1030pm (45mins)

If you would like to entertain your guests beyond 1030pm with a dance segment, you may wish to consider adding a 3rd set for the live band (with a bass and a drummer); or engage a DJ to rock the house down!

Live Band

Do you have any complimentary services that I should know about?

Yes, and we’re glad you asked. These are on us:

  • 1st march-in and 2nd march-in songs ‘live’ (for weddings)
  • Suggestions on march-in songs if you are stumped!  (for weddings)
  • Song dedications 

You can count on the band to read out your specially crafted dedications before they perform the songs you would like to dedicate to your spouse/parents/wedding entourage/friends etc. This promotes interaction between the band and your guests, who will feel even more appreciated via this gesture.

  • Spontaneous song requests

As our musicians and singers have years of performing experiences, they would be able to take on song requests from your guests on the spot!

  • Music accompaniment

If you or your guests would like to sing a song (or two), the band will be happy to provide music accompaniment for your special performance(s)! (*do note however that rehearsals are complimentary only if they are arranged within the reporting hours during the actual day; a separate fee applies if additional rehearsals prior to the reporting times are required)

Is it necessary to engage a sound system? 

Most venues in Singapore provide sound systems that support speeches, and the playing of pipe-in music (from CD players/ipods/laptops etc); they are typically not adequate to support a ‘live’ band. To avoid disturbances like ‘feedback’, or ‘muddy’ sounds, it is hence necessary to engage an external set of system for quality sound. If you are already working with a sound vendor for your event, do feel free to let us know and we’ll be happy to work with them.

Why do I need ‘live’ music at my event? (Esp. for weddings/anniversaries/birthdays)

We have too many reasons (and tips) to share with you, so please click here to read more! 

Why should I engage A Little Dream?

Our singers and musicians are specially auditioned or talent-spotted by our co-founder Bevlyn Khoo, an award-winning singer-songwriter. We only work with the best, as we have a reputation to keep after being in the industry for close to 17 years! You will be assured that our singers and musicians are experienced, and that we only want the best for your event. After all, that is how we have been getting referrals all these years!

What instruments do your musicians play?

We have:

Click here for a quick preview (email us for more comprehensive information)

If you’re at a loss as to what instruments to choose for your event, just let us know and we’ll be able to give you some tips/advice.

We have singer-instrumentalists too! Click here (scroll to the end of the page) to preview their profiles and videos.

How is the payment schedule like?

We’ll require a 50% deposit to secure the booking. This can easily be done via IB funds transfer, PayNow, PayLah!, dropping off a cheque (to a quick-cheque deposit box), or mail a cheque to us. We will acknowledge the deposit via email upon receipt, and the balance amount can be paid in the ways mentioned above the band after the event. For ministry events, we can go through Vendors@GOV.

Cancellation/Postponement Refund Policy

Deposits are not refundable in the event of a postponement or a cancellation, because our musicians would have actively rejected other work commitments that come along the way to the actual day (hence a postponement would be regarded as a cancellation as well because musicians charge by the committed date and time-slot). In the event of a postponement or cancellation, the deposit serves to partially compensate the musicians for opportunity loss.
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