* A Little Dream Photography

Check out the stunning works of our in-house photographer.

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As time is of the essence for wedding couples, we have decided to expand our services and cater to your photography needs. Not only will you save precious time during wedding preparations, you get to ENJOY MORE DISCOUNTS when you book them with our live bands!


* Singing Lessons

Thinking of polishing your singing so that you may sing a song for your spouse at your wedding? SingingTechniques will give you a quick analysis on how you may improve your singing and give you tips to transform your singing in the fastest possible time. Get 15% off the trial lesson now!






* Video Dedication

We have a few brilliant ideas on how you may spring a surprise on your other half….


* Flutes at National Gallery – Enjoy $100 off ‘live’ music

If you are having your celebration/event at Flutes (National Gallery), enjoy $100 off when you engage Bevlyn as the lead singer!

(Photo by Derrick Ong Photography)

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