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Need more choices for your live band? We also provide instrumental bands of different sizes and combinations — perfect for your cocktail reception, weddings or corporate function.
Click on the links below for videos which feature different combinations of musicians (the combinations are non-exhaustive, check out our YouTube playlist for updates!)

*HOT*  String Quartet (Classical/Pop/Jazz)
(featuring Violins x 2, Viola, Cello)
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A string quartet never fails to add the touch of elegance for your special event. Our string quartet brings about the lush sounds of strings through their delivery of classical, jazz, and even pop repertoire! Don’t miss this versatile band that is highly sought-after at weddings and corporate events.

String Trio (Classical/Pop/Jazz)
(featuring Violin, Viola, Cello)
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A string trio is the perfect compromise between a full-fledge string-quartet and a petite string duo. The strings bring about the lush sounds of strings through their delivery of classical, jazz, and even pop repertoire!

*HOT*  String Duo (Classical/Pop/Jazz)
(featuring Violin & Cello)
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Our String Duo is highly sought after for solemnisations and cocktail hours for those who seek an elegant ambience.
Do not underestimate the petite duo set up; they always leave many enthralled by their ‘live’ sounds!

Cello Solo
Violin Solo (Top40s / Classics / Pop / Jazz)
(with Music Backing Track)
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Violin / Cello Solo (Top40s / Classics / Pop / Jazz)
(with Music Backing Track)
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Watch how one cello can do magic to your event’s ambience with this video!



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The divine sounds from a harp is what give an event a classy and elegant ambience you are looking for.
Also available are harp and piano/ flute/ violin/ guitar/ singer combinations.
Or are you ready for a harp trio?


Solo Pianist
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The perfect ‘live’ music at your cocktail reception or banquet, especially if your wedding venue provides a baby grand piano or an upright piano.

Daniel Purnomo Fingerpicking wedding guitar solo

Fingerpicking Solo Guitarist
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Whether it’s jazz, classics or Top40s, Daniel delivers his performance the fingerpicking style,i.e. he doesn’t just play the chords, he also delivers the melody and the bass lines of a song so that you may enjoy a song with pure guitar sounds. Great for cocktail reception and music for solemnisations!


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The One-Man-Band gives you best visual and audio of a great performance you can ask from one man. Hear guitar, bass lines, and even piano sounds and drums all from one person. Available for jazz, classics and Top40s hits, and also available to be paired with any singer!



*HOT*  2-piece (Guitarist and Violinist)
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Perfect for your cocktail reception, solemnisation ceremony or wedding reception, the combination of guitar and violin is an aural balm to the listener’s ears.

Strolling possible


2-piece (Guitarist and Saxophone)
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Also ideal for cocktail reception, the guitarist and saxophonist combination is perfect for a romantic setting.

Strolling possible


2-piece (Pianist and Saxophonist)
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A popular instrumental combination, featuring the pianist and saxophonist. If your venue has a piano, we will gladly use it!

Piano Cello Live Music Band Classy Classical Classics Music

*HOT*  2-piece band (Cello & Piano)
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Indulge in the elegant sounds of the mellow cello and the flow of the notes on the piano for a classy ambience!


2-piece (Pianica Player and Guitarist / Singer-Guitarist)
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Looking for something quaint and quirky for your event? This duo will bring the right dose to your event with jazz classics and jazzed up pop tunes!

Strolling possible.


3-piece (Pianist, Violinist, Double Bassist)
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A classy combination of instruments to give the most elegant sound and presentation for your event. If your venue has a piano, we will gladly use it!


 3-piece (Er-Hu, Sanxian, Piano)
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This oriental-western fusion band consisting of Er-Hu, Sanxian and Piano is bound to present a pleasant twist to the Shanghai jazz, Mandarin pop/classics, or English jazz/classics/pop songs of your choice!

Instrumental Top40s Live Jazz Band Singapore

*HOT*  4-piece (Pianist, Saxophonist, Bassist, Drummer)
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Take a listen to the magical combination of these four instruments (Top40s / Classics /Jazz)


5-piece Gatsby Theme Big Band
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(featuring keyboard, bassist, saxophonist, trombonist, dummer)
This might just be the fun touch you’re looking for, the sound of a big band!


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