The One-Man-Band

Upgrade from “Singer + Pianist/Guitarist (in our Standard Packages) to “Singer + One-Man-Band

Want a big band sound but doesn’t have the budget? The One-Man-Band produces sounds of guitar, piano, bass, drums all from one musician.

Pair him up with any singer !
(Pairing not applicable to Imelda, Emmeline, Andayoma)

A self-sufficient maestro playing 4 instruments at once; Footdrums, Guitar, Bass and Ztar (piano and keys) without a looper or backing tracks.

A show stopping performance like what you would typically see on a reality TV competition like America’s Got Talent, right in front of your eyes.

Through the years, he’s spent countless hours experimenting and honing his craft. Introducing The One-ManBand – his unique One-Man-Band performing system. He plays Guitar/ Bass/ Footdrums/ Ztar (Piano and keys) all at once using his four limbs (He is so busy multitasking, leaving no time to patent his self-invented under-the-arm sustain pedal).


Cocktail Instrumental Music

Fancy some chill-out welcome music for your guests during cocktail reception?
Check out the One-Man-Band with his perfect finger-style playing on the guitar! 


The One-Man-Band is also available to be hired as a party DJ. Let us know your preferred genre of music (Top40s / Retro / 90s, etc) and leave it to the expert while you unwind! 

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