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Michelle and Julian, 13 Jun 09, Four Seasons (Wedding Live Band)

Bevlyn’s Thoughts: Always and Forever Michelle and Julian are based in Hong Kong, so I can imagine how hard it was for them to coordinate a wedding in Singapore. Nevertheless, Julian had the idea of singing a song to serenade his wife with the help of the band. I promptly forwarded the Youtube link of <<为你钟情>> by Leslie Chung (without hearing it myself) to Adeline and Shawn so that they could accompany him on the day. Hence, the first time…

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Glen and Pearlyne, 31 May 09, Grand Copthorne Waterfront (Wedding Live Band)

Serene’s Thoughts: 月亮代表我的心 (The Moon Represents My Heart) When the groom dropped by to say hello to the band during our sound check, his “brothers” started teasing him, telling us that the groom can sing pretty well. We dropped a suggestion for him to surprise his bride with a song and the brothers happily joined in the pitch and there were, happily throwing all kinds of suggestions into the air, which the groom shyly turned down, telling us that he…

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2009 Promotion with 9 Frames

Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: An afternoon with Gilbert Chua, 9 Frames I met Gilbert one afternoon for tea at Dome Cafe. He showed me his latest set of name cards, which broke away from tradition by NOT featuring a photograph of a wedding couple. “Why do what everyone else is doing?” That was his matter-of-fact reply when I asked for the reason behind his unconventional choice. This summarises Gilbert’s strengths and personality. He’s deathly afraid of stagnating, and is always looking…

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Rebecca and Ker Yang, 11 Jan 09, The Ballroom, Raffles Hotel (Wedding Live Band)

Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: Inside Your Heaven Rebecca and Ker Yang know a thing or two about personalising a wedding celebration. For one, they got a company to arrange for their wedding guests’ text messages to be displayed on a screen. Some of these heartwarming messages include: “Time to form your own soccer team with your kids!” – From 4E3 NHSS plus Yong Hao, Serene, Guo Quan and Yee Teng “Congratulations to the little princess and prince” – Best wishes, your…

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