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Round Up Of 2009 & Annual ALD Gathering

2009 was slow off the starting blocks, but swiftly gained momentum around September and ended in an exhausting sprint to the finish line. It’s really hard to describe the emotions that swirled in me when I reviewed our report card of 300 weddings in 2009. If I add the corporate functions and other events we were occasionally engaged for, we performed on almost every single day of last year, on average. That’s an amazing achievement for us. And I couldn’t…

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A Little Dream’s AGM (Annual General Makan-session), 15 Feb 09

Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: Thank You For The Music! It seemed impossible at times, but we made it through 2008, performing for a staggering 275 weddings. To thank our talented, passionate and hungry singers and musicians, Bevlyn and I organised an AGM (Annual General Makan-session) on 15 Feb. Some food pr0n for you: Bevlyn is aspiring to be a waitress to ride through the economic downturn. We helped with her training! The obligatory group photo!

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