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James and Kelly, 15 Nov 09, Poolside, Amara Hotel (Wedding Live Band)

Tanya’s thoughts: From This Moment James and Kelly had a simple but cosy and heart-warming ROM ceremony on a bright and sunny Sunday afternoon, at an outdoor wooden pavillion by the poolside. Kelly looked stunning and James was suave in an all-white ensemble. The excitement was clearly written all over the faces of the guests as they streamed in before the commencement of the ceremony. The Justice of Peace was not only humourous and dishing out words of wisdom to…

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(Wedding) John and Mandy, 15 Nov 08, Amara Hotel

Bevlyn’s thoughts: Loving You When I first walked into the ballroom, I was very welcomed by the refreshingly colourful decoration of white and blue balloons. The even more amazing thing was, there were matching blue table napkins! While Mandy and her father marched-in to the band’s performance of ‘Lover’s Concerto‘, John waited impatiently at the end of the aisle, which was where Mandy’s father eventually gave her hand over to John. The solemnisation and worship took place soon after, with…

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Nelly and Sam, 8 Aug 08, Amara Hotel

Shoujie’s thoughts: Surprise! Violin and guitar surprise wedding gifts are turning out to be quite enjoyable indeed. This lunchtime solemnization at the Amara turned out to be a simple but celebratory affair. There was a sense of straightforward elegance in the whole arrangement: the ceremony was a short one, and the guests seemed to be only the closest family and friends. But the small gathering made everything much more intimate, from the quiet hush of the guests when the solemniser…

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Sabrina and Shawn, 18 Jun 06, Amara Hotel Poolside

Bevlyn’s thoughts: Mint To Be Funky. Out-of-the-box. Those are the words I would use to describe Sabrina and Shawn’s wedding. Oh, and Rectangular Tables. Round tables, which are a fixture at traditional Chinese dinners, were nowhere to be found at the unconventional wedding celebration. According to Sabrina, those were reserved for her first wedding dinner, on the 17th, which was organised for their family members. Her second, held on the 18th and in the same venue as the first, was…

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Jean and Dave, 6 Jun 06, Amara Hotel

Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: You Are My Raincoat Jean engaged our band as a surprise wedding gift for Dave. Which meant that the band members had to sneak into the hotel kitchen and hide while Dave was in the ballroom. Luckily, we had eaten earlier, otherwise, our stomachs would have growled in protest! Dave, looking surprised and happy, when he entered the ballroom with Jean! I couldn’t see whether Dave was surprised when he and Jean marched-in to the live performance…

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