Wheeler's Estate Wedding Event Solemnisation

Steve & Katherine, 28 Sept 19 @ Wheeler’s Estate (Wedding Singer/Live Band Music/Emcee)

Steve & Katherine got to know each other through a volunteering session (one of their common friends had arranged for this beautiful ‘set up’). It wasn’t easy at first, but Steve’s determination finally melted ‘the wall of ice’ around Katherine and won her hands (literally, when he grabbed her hand and said “ey want to steady or not?”).  Congratulations Steve & Katherine on their union! Thank you for engaging Phoebee (vocals + emcee) & Amos (guitar) as your wedding entertainment!…

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Parkroyal Pickering Wedding Live Band Singer Emcee

Kendi & Joan, 30 Nov 18, Parkroyal Pickering (Wedding Live Band/ Bilingual Emcee)

There’s nothing boring about Kendi & Joan‘s wedding. They: (ahem) hired a live band and emcee from us (Vivienne on vocals & Emcee, and Amos on guitar), had a pair of friends  Sheena and Jiaguang perform 恋爱频率 for their 1st March in. played a quiz ‘How well do you know the couple”’ with their guests using the software “Kahoot”. It had an interesting consequence – depending on the results, Kendi & Joan may have to dance for their 2nd march-in!…

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