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Dennis and Yoshi, 3 Nov 2010, Atrium Ballroom, Mandarin Oriental

Imelda’s thoughts: Just Because Coming soon! Band: Imelda, Shawn & Adi L-R: Imelda, Dennis, Yoshi, Shawn & Adi Repertoire: This Dance (1st March-in), Love that will Last, Do That to Me One More Time, For Your Babies, I Love the Way You Love Me, I Love You Just Because, Never Knew Love Like This Before, Now and Forever (You and I), Now and Forever, Same Side of the Moon, Someone Like You, Stuck on You, I Could Not Ask for More, Through the…

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Ivan and Wynnie, 26 Jun 2010, Atrium Suites, Mandarin Oriental (Wedding Live Band)

Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: The Perfect Year Sparks didn’t fly when Ivan and Wynnie first met each other. In Ivan’s words, she was “just another girl at the office.” As both were against office romances, their relationship never developed beyond the confines of the office. But all that changed when Ivan decided to leave the company. Before he did, he plucked up his courage, downed a few (kidding) and asked Wynnie out for supper one night. That one chance he took…

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Lex Mundi 2010 Asia Awards Dinner & Dance, 1 May 2010, Atrium Ballroom, Mandarin Oriental

Shawn’s thoughts: Star Awards It was like STAR AWARDS! The band dished out 15-20 second snippets of popular jazz and big band tunes as the winners smiled their way up to the stage for their awards and thanksgiving speeches.  Take a look at Matthew’s notes: The Mandarin Oriental banquet staff went the extra mile to make sure the band gets not just the same beverages and delicacies but the same quality service their guests enjoyed. Thank you! The second half of the…

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Angie and Alan, 14 Oct 06, Atrium Ballroom, Oriental Hotel

Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: Crazy Little Thing Called Love When Alan began his thank-you speech, I nearly choked in surprise. He said, “To all my distinguished guests, the freeloaders, and the gatecrashers… thank you for being here.” It was not the typical speech. Alan was a master of deadpan humour, and it showed in the way he delivered punchlines when you least expected it. He also spoke eloquently about his love and gratitude to his mother, and I could see her…

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Charmaine and Brendan, 30 Sep 06, Atrium Ballroom, Oriental Hotel

Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: Shake Your Bon-Bon! What a good looking couple!Singing for Charmaine and Brendan was akin to attending a reunion party. Brendan was the main coordinator for Jack’s wedding, and he and Charmaine engaged us after listening to our performance. Jack flew all the way back from the US to attend Brendan’s wedding, so I got to see him again. Another familiar face was Sherwin, who was host for both Jack and Brendan. (Sherwin’s a wonderful host, by the…

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Elynn and Jack, 7 Jul 06, Atrium Ballroom, Swissotel The Stamford

Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: New York, New York! Sorry, couldn’t get a picture of Jack, who was, erm, occupied.In case you’re wondering, Jack was trying to remove Elynn’s garter with his teeth. An quick Internet search reveals that the tradition of tossing the garter dates back to fourteenth-century France. Medieval French revelers considered pieces of the bride’s attire lucky, and guests would literally rip off pieces of her gown. To defend herself, she began to throw them her garter! In modern…

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