(Wedding) Melvin and Amelia, 8 Dec 08, Pacific Ballroom, Pan Pacific

Hui Bing’s thoughts: The Nearness Of You It was great performing for Melvin and Amelia’s wedding as they are such an easy-going and friendly couple, and they placed absolute trust in us to deliver a great performance. So much so, that Melvin gave us free rein with the songlist after he heard our performance at another wedding. James, Benson and I had a great time singing the mix of jazz, easy listening and Mandopop numbers that I have selected for…

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(Wedding) Anne and Daniel, 20 Sep 08, Sentosa Resort & Spa

Bevlyn’s thoughts: 爱很简单 (Love Is Very Simple) Anne’s good friend since their primary school days in Kuantan, Lisa, made an impression that evening with her digs at Daniel. As a surprise gift for Anne, Lisa came up with a special photo-montage of Anne and Daniel through the years, but not without adding in text lines in between the pictures to hint how lucky a man Daniel is to be able to be with Anne. In her speech, Lisa described how…

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(Wedding) Su-Zan and Wai Loon, 10 Sep 08, Sheraton Towers

Bevlyn’s thoughts: But I Do Love You Su-Zan first got to know Wai Loon during her Economics lectures in one of NUS’s lecture theatres 8 years ago. During the speech, Su-Zan congratulated herself for not judging a book by its cover (‘bespectacled and geeky‘ in her own words), because she got to know about Wai Loon’s real cheeky nature beneath the ‘cool exterior’ over time. This was probably in retort to Wai Loon’s earlier comment while giving thanks to his…

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Meiting and Lochin, 12 Jul 08, Legacy Suite, Marriott

Bevlyn’s thoughts: 黑白配 (Black And White) The story between Meiting and Lochin has got to be one of the most amazing ones I’ve ever heard: Meiting decided to go for a vacation when she was 16 years old, and during her stay at the Superstar Virgo of Star Cruise, she got to know Lochin (a Burmese), who was an employee onboard. They swiftly fell in love and ’embarked’ on a long-distance relationship. Apparently they could only meet on Wednesdays and…

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