burkhill hall

Niraj and Sharon, 15 May 2010, Singapore Botanic Gardens (Burkhill Hall) (Wedding Live Band)

Bevlyn’s thoughts: You & I It’s been a long time since I performed at this colonial house, and I was really looking forward to see the beautiful garden again after the renovation. The picturesque fauna and flora welcomed the guests as they sip their cocktails while waiting for the banquet to commence.  This wedding has so many favourite moments for me, and the first one has to be the 1st march-in. Sharon chose a very slow and romantic number, and…

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(Wedding) John and Christine, 30 Oct 08, Burkhill Hall, Singapore Botanic Gardens

Bevlyn’s thoughts: 可爱的玫瑰花 (What A Lovely Rose) I met John at Wey Jia’s wedding on 24 Oct 08, who introduced himself as the one who took photos at Sy Wei’s wedding. Two seconds passed before I registered that I was engaged to sing at his wedding on 30 Oct! Was really glad that John and Christine picked Burkhill Hall for their wedding reception.  I’ve always found it a breathtaking place, no matter how often I’ve been there.  Being this close to nature always…

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Jem and Joyce, 24 Sep 06, Burkhill Hall, Singapore Botanic Gardens

Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: Moonlight Serenade Jeremy and JoyceAll photographs in this entry were beautifully captured by Ken (Black Box Photography) What an amazing night! I’d gladly contend with mozzies and inadequate lighting to sing at Burkhill Hall again! I simply love the colonial architecture of Burkhill Hall and its lush, verdant surroundings. I know I waxed lyrical about it when I first sang there for Michael and Cristy, but it bears repeating. The venue was just one of the things…

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Michael and Cristy, 9 Jul 06, Burkhill Hall, Singapore Botanic Gardens

Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: La Vie En Rose L-R: Jonathan Lim, Michael, Cristy, Hsin Yeow and Jonathan Ang There is something magical about the song La Vie En Rose. Whenever the band performs it, couples find themselves inexplicably drawn to the dance floor. It happened during Michael and Cristy’s wedding. It was supposed to be their first dance, but as the song went on, they were joined by more and more couples who gently swayed to the alluring melody. And when…

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