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Virtual Music for Corporate Event (Live Music Streaming / Pre-Recorded Available)

We are privileged to perform for a corporate awards event virtually! It’s a very interesting experience and we are delighted to know that everyone on the other end of their screens enjoyed the performance too! As it was a celebration, the band performed Counting Stars, Raise Your Glass, Viva La Vida (videos coming up soon) L-R: Ridzuan (cajon), Khim (vocals), Cheng (guitar) For live music streaming or pre-recording of performances for corporate events/ weddings/ solemnisations / birthdays /anniversaries, pls email…

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“Live” Music Streaming at Blissful Online Wedding Show – The New Normal!

We were excited to be part of the Blissful Online Wedding Show organised by Blissful Brides, by performing at the 2-day online wedding fair. So much has changed since the beginning of COVID-19, and many activities have gone online! Here are 2 live bands from A Little Dream Live Music, showcasing Emmeline (vocals), Cheng (guitar), Boon Chye (saxophone) for Day 1:   …and Sharon (piano / pianica) and Kevin (vocals & guitar) for Day 2: Contact us at or Whatsapp/Call +65 8525 8277…

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Changi Cove Wedding Singer Singing Live band Music emcee Singapore Best Review

Priscilla & Jared, 22 Feb 20 @ Changi Cove (Wedding Live Band Music)

Volunteerism begets good, and Jared would know it better than anyone else. Priscilla needed a face model for her makeup course, and Jared’s sister Lydia had passed Jared’s contacts to Pricilla. They met on the day of her final exam, and Pricilla was nervous because she wasn’t sure if Jared would turn up, but he did and was in fact punctual. Jared left a good impression on Priscilla, as she had found him to be trustworthy. They subsequently went on…

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Regent Hotel Singapore Wedding Ballroom

Joyce & Chris, 22 Dec 19 @ Regent Hotel Singapore (Pavilion) (Wedding Live Band Music/Singer)

Joyce & Chris‘ wedding was a really fun affair…and one of the highlights was definitely the bridal and groom teams’ PK sing-off on 2 songs ‘Lucky’ and ‘A Whole New World, with our guitarist Cheng on music accompaniment. What talented friends Joyce & Chris have! Thank you Joyce & Chris for having Khim (vocals) + Cheng (guitar) for your wedding live band entertainment! We wish you a wonderful new chapter ahead filled with joy and happiness 🙂 Repertoire: 1) When…

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Carvery Restaurant Wedding Solemnisation

Ting Ying & Boon Song, 31 Aug 19, The Carvery (Wedding Singer/Emcee/Live Band)

See how lovely The Carvery was at Ting Ying and Boon Song‘s solemnisation! Ting Ying’s little nephew also chipped in to make the wedding even more memorable by performing a song on the keyboard. It was definitely a night to remember, along with Ariane’s vocals and Cheng’s guitar for the songs requested by the couple (see below). Congratulations to Boon Song & Ting Ying, it was our pleasure to emcee and perform for you and your loved ones. Here’s wishing you…

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Orchid Country Club Sapphire Room Wedding

Joseph & Justina, 22 Jun 19, Orchid Country Club (Sapphire Room) (Wedding Singer/Emcee/MC/Live Band Music)

Joseph and Justina are avid music lovers, for not only did they arranged for the march-in songs and the 1st dish presentation song to be performed ‘live’, Joseph also took the opportunity to serenade Justina with “Beautiful In White” during the 2nd march-in! Thank you for having Khim (vocals & emcee) and Cheng (guitar) perform at your wedding celebration, we had a blast! And thank you for this lovely review: Congratulations and here’s wishing Joseph and Justina a lifetime of…

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alcove chijmes wedding

Justin & Yvonne, 25 May 19, Alcove at Caldwell House (CHIJMES) (Wedding Singer/Live Band)

It was an intimate and fun crowd of 80 guests at Justin & Yvonne‘s wedding celebration at Alcove at Caldwell House. Here’s the lovely couple addressing everyone! Thank you Justin & Yvonne for engaging Khim (vocals) and Cheng (guitar) to rock the tunes below for your wedding’s atmosphere! Cheers to a lifetime of bliss and happiness! Repertoire: Just the way you are Treasure Summer of 69 Closer Bubbly Perfect Love me like you do Wonderful tonight We are young I’m yours…

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Brandon & Xiao Wen, 23 Mar 19 @ Intercontinental Hotel (Wedding Singing / Live Band / Emcee)

Brandon and Xiao Wen‘s personalities are polar opposite which would explain the strong magnetic attraction that pulled them towards one another. With her bubbly and outgoing personality, Xiao Wen drew the quiet and reserved Brandon to her. Brandon’s cute way of proposal by discreetly slipping the wedding ring onto Xiao Wen’s ring finger while she was asleep definitely was a delightful surprise for Xiao Wen to wake up! Xiao Wen’s surprise gift back on their wedding day was priceless when…

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Grand Copthorne Waterfront Galleria Wedding

Jessica & Andrew, 28 Oct 18, Grand Copthorne Waterfront (Galleria) (Wedding Live Band/Emcee)

One of the highlights in Jessica and Andrew‘s relationship has to be Andrew’s proposal to her. The proposal was scheduled to happen in a hotel room in Penang (Jessica was supposed to realise it only after walking into the room). In particular, she noted that the hotel staff who helped to check them in and bring them to their room was very friendly. However, Andrew in all his great planning, never imagined the flight to be delayed by 2-3 hours,…

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Nachi & Clive, 22 Sept 18 @ Sea Scent (Wedding Live Band / Emcee)

Khim (vocals + emcee) & Cheng (guitar) This is not the first time we perform at Sea Scent, but it is our first time performing at the 3rd level. The wedding had an ambience of relaxation in the air because of the classy and intimate decoration ! Check out the place: Nachi and Clive engaged Khim to be the wedding singer and emcee, with Cheng backing her on guitar. Here’s Cheng posing for a shot while we’re setting up the…

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Sea Scent Keppel Club

Kell & Jeurgen, 7 Apr 18, Sea Scent (Keppel Club) (Wedding Live Band)

Band: Khim (vocals & emcee), Cheng (guitar), Ridzuan (cajon) It couldn’t have been easy planning for not just a mixed marriage (with cultural differences and all that jazz), but especially so if you are not even residing in Singapore some of the times. But Kell and Jeurgen pulled the whole celebration off beautifully when the families and friends gathered at Sea Scent (Keppel Club) for this celebration of a lifetime. It was our first time performing at Sea Scent, and…

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