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Stephen & May Yee, 18 Dec 2010 (Morning), Sentosa Room, Capella

Ian’s Thoughts: This is the Day I had a prior rehearsal with May Yee and her siblings (Te Jinn and Min Hui, the singers for the day) which went without a hitch. As I set up my gear, I felt really good about this gig – working with talented and able singers, as well as experienced and creative musicians in the form of Clarence and Richard. Another reason for the good feeling – we were going to play praise and worship…

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Jessie and Adrian, 11 Dec 2010, Cinnamon Room, Novotel Clarke Quay

Judy’s thoughts: The Gift It was a boisterous and jovial crowd that attended Jessie and Adrian’s wedding dinner. The whole ballroom was buzzing with energy and joy the entire evening. It was evident that all the guests were looking forward to this day as much as the couple did and they certainly brought the whole event alive with their presence. The couple had selected a list of heavy-weight ballads and Sofyan, Sharon, Yili and myself arrived early to prepare for…

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Rachel and Ken, 5 Nov 2010, Concorde Hotel

Juliet’s Thoughts: 玫瑰玫瑰我爱你 (Rose Rose I Love You) Just when i thought there could not be new ways of doing march-ins, Ken and Rachel surprised us with their very sensuous 2nd march-in, with bride Rachel sashaying down the red carpet and the groom striding down to meet into a dance, so much that that’s all i can think about to start this blog entry. I found myself feeling those tears wellin’ up whilst watching their pre-march-in videos, and surprised myself. It’s when…

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Rigan and Alice, 10 Apr 2010, Hibiscus Room, Grand Hyatt (Wedding Live Band)

Ariel’s thoughts: Lucky Alice and Rigan contacted A Little Dream way back in January this year and expressed their interest to engage a live band for their wedding in April. The lovely couple subsequently got in touch with me and came to watch my brief rehearsal at one of our clients’ weddings. Despite our brief encounter, I was deeply impressed with their Christian faith and understood that the couple wanted their guests to share their joy with songs of gratitude…

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Julie and Lionel, 3 Apr 2010, M Hotel (Wedding Live Band)

Imelda’s thoughts: Angels Brought Me Here When Hsin Yeow told me a couple who was getting married in April had requested for Christian performers to play at their wedding, I was really excited that he had thought of me. I’ve always believed singing to be a way of serving God, and this was especially so with weddings which represent the perpetuation of love and life. I knew that it was going to be such a blessing to share this time…

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Jacquelyn and Frederick, 9 Nov 09, Hilton (Wedding Live Band)

Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: L-O-V-E One reason why wedding singing is so enjoyable for us is the simple fact that people you meet at wedding celebrations are often brimming with happiness. You hear laughter everywhere you turn, and you see people hugging and kissing each other as if they have not met for a long, long time. Melissa told me the guests at Jacquelyn and Frederick’s wedding was a fantastic bunch; they were very appreciative of the band’s performance, and applauded…

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Elizabeth and Denis, 27 Jun 09, Four Seasons (Wedding Live Band)

Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: (I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons Elizabeth and Denis wanted their wedding celebration to be an occasion to pay tribute to their family and friends. And they went all the way out to entertain everyone. Right from the start, their parents got the VIP treatment; when I started singing Unforgettable, the first march-in song, the guests welcomed Elizabeth and Denis’ parents first before the bridal couple walked in. The couple also dedicated several songs in the repertoire…

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Alan and Stephanie, 14 Dec 08, Tower Ballroom, Shangri-La (Wedding Live Band)

Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: Amazing Love Alan and Steph are brilliant and successful individuals in their own right, but had difficulty finding a soul mate. As the emcee put it, “I agreed to be Alan’s wedding emcee, and for the next ten years, he never failed to remind me of my duty.” On the other hand, Steph was wondering how many frogs she needed to kiss (just a saying, no offence to Steph’s previous boyfriends!) before she could meet her Prince…

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(Wedding) Shawn and Karen, 22 Nov 2008, Chijmes

Clarence’s thoughts: I Will Be Here This was definitely a special one for me. I felt a close connection to this couple particularly as it was a Christian solemnization and wedding procession, held most fittingly at the grand Chijmes hall, which used to be a church. The groom, Shawn, also happened to be an architect (and me an interior designer)! It was also a special request of the couple and their pastor for the band to be of the same…

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