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Azalea room Shangri-la Singapore wedding

Kenji & Penny, 8 Nov 19 @ Four Seasons Hotel (Crescent Ballroom) (Singapore Wedding Singer/Emcee/Live Band)

Kenji & Penny met through a dating app, and their first date was at Changi Airport. Hence it was apt that Kenji’s proposal to Penny happened at Changi Airport too! Thank you Kenji & Penny for engaging Imelda (vocals + emcee) and Benjamin (piano) to be your wedding entertainment! Check out the great mix of songs they’d selected for their guests below! (Click below to view Imelda & Benjamin in action) Repertoire: A thousand years Christina perri All of me…

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(Wedding) Alvin and Catherine, 15 May 2011 (luncheon), Fours Seasons (Crescent Ballroom)

Ariel’s Thoughts: Built To Last This was a wedding lunch with all the works – which hotel serves Peking duck during pre-banquet reception! As usual, the band, comprising of Ian, Junxiong and me, set up the equipment early. To my surprise, Ian had brought his massive Bose amplifiers to the gig, which contributed warmth to the band’s sound. With a good start to the day, the wedding lunch began with the march-in song, At The Beginning, followed by a good…

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Francis and Cassandra, 29 Jan 2011, Four Seasons

Imelda’s thoughts: Coming soon! Photos in this blog courtesy of Eulee Band: Imelda & Jordan L-R: Imelda, Cassandra, Francis & Jordan Repertoire: Grow Old With You, I Will Be Here, Can’t Take My Eyes Off You, Love, Me, Close to You, L-O-V-E, Dream A Little Dream, Let’s Fall In Love, Love Will Keep Us Together,  To Be With You, Wishin’ and Hopin’,  Beyond the Sea, I’ve Got You Under My Skin,  Kiss me, Your Song, This is the Day, If, Do…

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Shunjie and Maria, 19 Sep 2010, Crescent Ballroom, Four Seasons

Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: Somewhere Over The Rainbow Maria and Shunjie got to know each other when they were studying in Brisbane, Australia. Even though Shunjie seemed the quiet, studious type, he made the first move (good for you!) by sending her an e-mail. Soon, they were having coffee after class and meals all the time. Another ‘excuse’ Shunjie used to spend more time with Maria was to help her with Chinese since she was studying that subject. Shunjie’s efforts paid…

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Chye Lee and Lijie, 30 Jan 2010, Crescent Ballroom, Four Seasons

Bevlyn’s thoughts: 恋爱ing I’d performed countless times at Four Seasons hotel, but it was actually my first time at the Crescent ballroom. Finally!! It is a smaller ballroom compared to the main one, but the size made the wedding even more cosy and intimate. Guests were greeted by a poster made by one of the ‘brothers’: The band was located just 2 arms’ lengths away from Chye Lee and Lijie and we really liked that. Why? When Junxiong was singing…

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Michelle and Sam, 18 Jul 09, Crescent Ballroom, Four Seasons (Wedding Live Band)

Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: The One You Love Michelle and Sam met in Sydney in May 2004 at a function through mutual friends. It wasn’t love at first sight; nevertheless, there was mutual affection which grew out of after spending more time together. Michelle felt that what connected them was that, “We’re simple natured people and we seek happiness in the small things in life. We value family and friends.” Michelle also told me, “Sam expressed his love for me first…

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Jeannie and Adrian, 13 Dec 08, Crescent Ballroom, Four Seasons (Wedding Live Band)

Hui Bing’s thoughts: A Special Love I had to learn several new songs for Jeannie and Adrian’s wedding and one of them was ‘A Special Love’ – which the couple has chosen to be their second march-in song. Besides it being a great song, I thought it was also an appropriate choice to describe the tightly-knitted bond that the two had shared. Like many of the guests present, my tear ducts started flowing when Jeannie and Adrian shared their love…

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Alan and Lynn, 8 Jun 08, Crescent Ballroom, Four Seasons

Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: Till The End The theme song of Alan and Lynn’s wedding celebration was local singer-songwriter David Tan’s Till The End. The couple must have liked David’s plaintive delivery and lyrics. I don’t know the details of how Alan and Lynn found each other and fell in love, but I’d like to think that both of them identify with the sentiments in the chorus of the song. In my heart, I can no longer hold inside All of…

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