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Andrew and Gillian, 10 Oct 2010, East India Room, Raffles Hotel

Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: The First Time It was a beautiful sunny day, and Andrew and Gillian’s friends were all waiting patiently for the solemnisation ceremony to begin. On cue, Bevlyn started singing Lover’s Concerto, and Gillian began walking down the aisle with her father, her pixie-like face radiant with love. When Gillian’s dad handed her over to Andrew, I could see that Andrew was overwhelmed with joy. His eyes brimmed with happy tears, and Gillian smile shone even brighter than…

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Carmy and Craig, 12 Sep 2010, Raffles Hotel Lawn & East India Rooms (Wedding Live Band)

Bevlyn’s Thoughts: I’m Beginning To See The Light Carmy probably never imagine she’d find true love on the other end of the world. According to Carmy’s good girlfriend, when she arrived in Bahrain, they used to lament at the lack of quality dates – the available but bad dates are these, aplenty in the Middle East. The high quality ones were rare, that was, until Craig joined Carmy’s company. It was a small but cosy wedding with Craig’s family flown…

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Joanne and David, 11 Apr 09, East India Room, Raffles Hotel (Wedding Live Band)

Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: Butterfly Kisses The most touching song performed at David and Joanne’s wedding was by none other than Joanne’s dad. Done in a capella style, he sang the lullaby that he used to lull Joanne to sleep during her childhood. Before he began, he wished aloud for a guitar so that there could be some music to accompany him. But I felt music was unnecessary. His baritone voice was so assured, clear and moving that there was no…

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(Wedding) Johnson and Nicole, 14 Sep 08, East India Room, Raffles Hotel

Serene & Jonathan’s thoughts: She’s Got A Way The wedding of Johnson and Nicole was one full of beautiful and sweet surprises. Surprise #1 The couple had planned a little surprise twist for their first march-in, in which the band had a part to play. When the emcee (Junxiong) invited the guests to rise and welcome the couple, Jonathan (Pianist) and Lim Hui (Violinist) started playing the classical wedding march, and the guests applauded enthusiastically, eager to catch a glimpse…

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