Chris and Peggy, 21 Nov 09, Gallery West, Suntec City (Wedding Live Band)

Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: Angels Brought Me Here I felt privileged to be at Chris and Peggy’s wedding celebration, not just because the couple trusted us implicitly to provide a night of rousing music, but also because I was privy to information perhaps not many others knew about. Chris shared with me a particularly heart-wrenching period of their relationship. This was about three years ago, shortly after Peggy left for studies in Australia. It was a trying time when they had…

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(Wedding) Tiong Keat and Han Han, 7 Dec 08, Stamford Ballroom, Swissotel The Stamford

Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: Someone To Love Who wears the pants in this relationship? Seeing that both of them work in the Army, I’m sure Tiong Keat and Han Han can be assertive when they need to. The entertaining photo-montage we saw at the start of the banquet had this unique analogy: Tiong Keat prefers the Times Roman (font) while Han Han think Arial is better. Anyone who can shed some light into what this means in terms of their personalities,…

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(Wedding) Angela and Jordan, 5 Dec 08, Collyer Ballroom, Swissotel The Stamford

The wedding of Jordan and Angela was held at Swissotel The Stamford, in the Collyer Ballroom which was set elegantly with pastel drapes and hanging chandeliers adorned with roses. From a very adorable cartoon video montage, we learnt that Jordan and Angela met at the chic nightspot “ChinaBlack”. Jordan was interested in Angela but was aware she had many suitors. When he gathered the courage to ask Angela for a date, he was rejected. Throughout the video montage, there were…

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(Wedding) Eve and Hwoon, 19 Sep 08, Island Ballroom, Shangri-La

Serene’s thoughts: Lovely The march-in at any wedding is sacred…so much so it draws silence from the guests as they wait in anticipation to steal a glance of the couple.. so much so that at times in the almost pitch dark ballroom with just one spotlight falling on the beautiful couple as they walk down the isle, it could move some to tears, draw smiles and applause from the room, and make you feel like you want to fall in…

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Li Yi and Joel, 7 Jun 08, Island Ballroom, Shangri-La

Daniel’s thoughts: I Wish You Jesus The wedding dinner was so romantic, from the story of how Joel and Li Yi met each other and how the groom dedicated his own original song to his beloved bride. There was also one special song requested by the couple’s friend, Eileen. The song was I Wish You Jesus. All of us in the band shared the same thought: that it’s really a good blessing song. True enough, Melissa’s performance not only touched…

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