Daxter & Kavita, 18 Dec 21 @ Raffles Hotel (Singapore Wedding Emcee/ Live Band Streaming Performance/ Virtual)

Thank you Daxter & Kavita for having Edward to be their wedding emcee, and Yohannis (vocals) & Alex (vocals/guitar/percussion) as their wedding musicians. Many of the guests hailed from overseas, and we’re happy to entertain both the local and overseas guests with songs specially handpicked by the lovely couple! Have a listen to Yohannis & Alex‘s beautiful renditions: Congratulations to Daxter & Kavita!!     

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Marc and Sherlyn, 20 Jun 09, Four Seasons (Wedding Live Band)

Bevlyn’s Thoughts: Over The Rainbow One of the highlights of Marc and Sherlyn’s wedding had got to be the best man’s speech,  who revealed a very interesting anecdote about the couple (well actually it was more about Marc). Back in the days when he and Marc were both in London while walking along River Thames, he made a casual remark about how Marc could get along with Sherlyn, only to get a response from Marc 10 minutes later after the…

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(Wedding) Joanne and Eric, 15 Nov 08, Orchid Country Club

Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: This I Promise You To all single men and women out there looking for a soul mate, Joanne and Eric have a tip to share: organise a primary school gathering! Goodness knows if Joanne and Eric even remember how they were like when they were kids playing five stones or zero point. Nevertheless, sparks flew when they met again more than a decade after primary school graduation. Joanne and Eric chose to hold their wedding ceremony in…

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(Wedding) Anson and Jean, 9 Nov 08, Hilton Hotel

Serene’s thoughts: I’ll Never Find Another You Anson and Jean’s love story spanned over a decade, one that was described beautifully during the speeches of three of their close friends at the wedding reception. I recall how each of these three friends mentioned candidly that at first impression, Anson and Jean came across as an “Ah Beng and Ah Lian” couple and how they all had doubts if the relationship would last. Fun teases and funny moments aside, all three…

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(Wedding) Jin Wei and Kristy, 25 Oct 08, Grand Ballroom, Grand Copthorne Waterfront

Juliet’s thoughts: The Nearness Of You It’s been a while since I sang an all-English repertoire for a wedding, which is pretty interesting for a change. The night began with light jazz numbers such as Dream A Little Dream and The Nearness Of You, warming up to uptempo standards like Cheek To Cheek and Fly Me To The Moon gradually. All photos in this entry were taken by Juliet It’s my first with Edward and it’s also been a while…

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(Wedding) Eve and Hwoon, 19 Sep 08, Island Ballroom, Shangri-La

Serene’s thoughts: Lovely The march-in at any wedding is sacred…so much so it draws silence from the guests as they wait in anticipation to steal a glance of the couple.. so much so that at times in the almost pitch dark ballroom with just one spotlight falling on the beautiful couple as they walk down the isle, it could move some to tears, draw smiles and applause from the room, and make you feel like you want to fall in…

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(Wedding) Shumei and Junhow, 13 Sep 08, Garden Suite, Mandarin Oriental

Bevlyn’s thoughts: Close To You Shumei and Junhow booked the band close to one year ago, and frankly, I am always very touched by couples who try to secure a band early because it shows the importance they place on live music, much like other popular wedding services like photography/videography/bridal studio packages etc. On the evening itself, it warmed my heart to realise it was the couple’s intention to keep everything cosy and simple, like a simple family and close…

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(Wedding) Eric and Cordelia, 12 Sep 08, Four Seasons

Bevlyn’s thoughts: Beyond The Sea Currently residing in Australia, Eric and Cordelia flew back to Singapore only on the week of their wedding, and Cordelia told me they had to fly back 2 days after. Despite the work and hassle of planning a wedding from overseas, they managed to get the photo montage up for their guests to see the journey they had travelled together thus far. This pair of lovely couple has certainly come a long way. All photos…

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(Wedding) Dennis and Joanne, 6 Sep 08, Peach Garden, OCBC Centre

Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: The Way I Am Joanne’s sister: I knew something was fishy when Joanne wanted to go jogging one day. I later realised that it’s because Dennis likes girls with slim legs! Joanne’s performance of The Way I Am (by Ingrid Michaelson) will remain etched in my memory for a long time to come. Several things about the performance made it memorable. The fact that it was spontaneous, for one. Joanne mentioned it once to her Hannah, her…

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(Wedding) Dawn and Dario, 23 Aug 08, Singapore Art Museum

Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: That’s Amore! A day before the wedding, Dario and Dawn were watching the Olympics on TV. As they watched the Olympic winners at their awe-inspiring best, Dario turned to Dawn and said, “You know, I’m going to get my gold medal tomorrow!” At that precise moment, Dawn turned to mush. We had a fantastic time performing for Dawn and Dario. They trusted us implicitly, and made us feel completely at ease. The only request they made was…

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Joelle and Kevin, 20 Jul 08, Amara Sanctuary

Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: Can’t Help Falling In Love Famous last words. I had a bit of time after Calvin and Misako’s wedding, so I popped over to Amara Sanctuary to look for Joelle. She was getting ready for the solemnisation ceremony at the Glass Pavilion, and took time to chat with me. Those few minutes made all the difference to how the wedding turned out. Joelle told me that Kevin was not the “romantic sort.” And she would be “very…

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Kent and Iin, 7 Jun 08, Galleria Room, Grand Copthorne Waterfront

Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: Four Words Some couples prefer their weddings to be solemn and quiet affairs. Not Kent. He had a corny sense of humour, and he wasn’t too shy to show it. Here’s how he began his speech: “To prepare my speech, I sought the help of Google, and I found this… Roses are red Violets are blue Sugar is sweet So are you!“ Then he looked purposefully at the blushing Iin, who was probably too tickled to say…

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