Azalea room Shangri-la Singapore wedding

Kenji & Penny, 8 Nov 19 @ Four Seasons Hotel (Crescent Ballroom) (Singapore Wedding Singer/Emcee/Live Band)

Kenji & Penny met through a dating app, and their first date was at Changi Airport. Hence it was apt that Kenji’s proposal to Penny happened at Changi Airport too! Thank you Kenji & Penny for engaging Imelda (vocals + emcee) and Benjamin (piano) to be your wedding entertainment! Check out the great mix of songs they’d selected for their guests below! (Click below to view Imelda & Benjamin in action) Repertoire: A thousand years Christina perri All of me…

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Charmaine & Shi Min, 3 Nov 19 @ Holiday Inn Orchard (Crystal) (Wedding Singer/Emcee/Live Band Music)

Thank you Charmaine & Shi Min for having Yokez (vocals & emcee) and Isaac (vocals & guitar) for your wedding entertainment ! Congratulations on this new adventure together ! 🙂 Repertoire: 1st Dish presentation – Be our guest 2nd March In – All of me  Beautiful in White – Morning Highlights A thousand years Count on Me – Dedication to Groomens and Bridemaids. We have known each other for more than 10 years, this friendship will never die. Thank you…

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Phil & Jeslin, 2 Nov 19, JW Marriott (Wedding Singer/Emcee/Live Band Music)

Phil put in a lot of thoughts into proposing to Jeslin; he even came up with a list. Some of the ideas include : – proposing during sunset at a beach resort (but he was worried that the diamond ring might be robbed); – proposing during a cruise trip (quickly scrappd after he found out from Jeslin that she felt that cruises are boring and for retirees) – proposing at an ice chapel at a ski resort in Hokkaido; but…

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Alvin & Wei Leng, 2 Nov 19 @ Andaz Singapore (Wedding Singer/Emcee/Live Band Music)

Alvin was rejected by Wai Leng for a movie date, and Wai Leng challenged him to confess his love for her in a video which was supposed to be submitted for their project i(exchange for a date together).  Thank goodness Alvin accepted the challenge, for hence we had the opportunity to perform at their wedding ! Thank you for having Bevlyn (vocals & emcee) and Kevin (guitar) for your wedding entertainment! Here’s wishing you eternal love for each other 🙂…

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Patricia & John, 2 Nov 19 @ Sheraton Towers (Wedding Singer/Emcee/Live Band Music)

Thank you Patricia and John for having Irwin (vocals & emcee) and Daryl (guitar) for their wedding celebration, the pleasure is definitely ours. Irwin also took the efforts to learn 2 new Japanese songs for John’s Japanese boss. We love them! Congratulations Patricia a and John! Blessed marriage ahead 🙂     Repertoire: TRUE LOVE – FUJII FUMIYA CHRIS HART – I LOVE YOU 偏偏喜欢你 喜欢你 (GEM) 恋爱ING 特别的爱给特别的你 情非得已 爱很简单 告白气球 天天 (David Tao) Perfect Photograph Take me to…

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Qianxi Farrer Park Wedding

Yi Wen & Richard, 26 Oct 19 @ Qianxi Farrer Park (Wedding Singer/Emcee/Live Band Music)

Thank you Yiwen & Richard for engaging Phoebee (vocals + emcee) and Zacharie (guitar) for your wedding entertainment! (Scroll down to view full wedding repertoire). Here’s wishing the two of you a marriage filled with eternal love and happiness! Repertoire: 1. Everything I do, I do it for you- Bryan Adams 2. Dancing in the moonlight- Top Loader 3. Marry you- Bruno Mars 4. Take me to your heart- MLTR 5. A Thousand Years- Christina Perri 6. Make me feel…

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Jaslyn & Daniel, 26 Oct 19, Azalea Room (Shangril-La) (Wedding Singer/Emcee / Live Band)

Daniel met Jaslyn back in 2008 when they both helped out at a friend’s wedding; they did not take special notice of each other, but as fate would have it, they met during a dinner with friends 7 years down the road, and only realised that their paths had crossed upon further conversations. Daniel took it as a cue from fate to pursuit Jaslyn….  And the rest was history…! Thank you Daniel & Jaslyn for engaging Felicia (vocals & emcee)…

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Yan Yin & Charles, 12 Oct 19, Clifford Pier (Wedding Singer/Emcee/Live Band Music)

It wasn’t easy organising one wedding celebration, but Charles and Yan Yin did a great job with 2 – one in Hong Kong and one in Singapore (because Charles is from Hong Kong). And Bevlyn (vocals + emcee) and Sharon (piano) were thrilled to perform at this breath-taking venue once again. Charles also delivered a romantic gesture for Yan Yin – he performed ‘Wonderful Tonight’ during the second march-in;  walking and singing from the front of the stage toward Yan…

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The Rocks Rasa Shangri-la Sentosa Wedding Live Band Emcee

Wenaline & Jimmy, 5 Oct 19 @ The Rocks, Rasa Shangri-la Sentosa (Wedding Singer/Live Band Music/Emcee)

Thank you Wenaline & Jimmy for engaging the multi-talented Jee Yon for their wedding entertainment! As a one-piece band, not only does Jee Yon sing and play the guitar, he also emcees 🙂 Congratulations to Wenaline & Jimmy, may the love and happiness you feel today shine through the years! Here’s Jee Yon’s playlist:   Repertoire: All Out Of Love [Air Supply] Just The Way You Are [Bruno Mars] Love Me Like You Do [Ellie Goulding] Love Story [Taylor Swift]…

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Shangri-la 5-piece wedding music band singapore

Yixin & Yongshen, 29 Sept 19, Shangri-La (Tower Ballroom) (5-Piece Live Band Music/Emcee/MC)

Yixin & Yongshen confirmed a 3-piece band at the beginning, but upgraded to a 5-piece band as the date drew close. Naturally, the musicians were thrilled, because the more musicians the richer the music, and the merrier the fun! Thank you for engaging  Imelda (vocals + emcee), Benjamin (baby grand), Boon chye (sax), Titus (e-bass), Jeremy Yeo (cajon) for your wedding entertainment. Here’s a photo of the band taking a little break while the guests watch a video! Our congratulations to…

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Wedding Live Band Music Singer Emcee at Sofitel Sentosa Straits Room

Karmen & Caleb, 29 Sept 19, Sofitel Sentosa (Straits Room) (Wedding Singer/Emcee/Live Band Music)

Patience pays off, and Caleb‘s patience was what first touched Karmen and got her attention. He had to help pass some Euros to Karmen on behalf of a common friend, but he ended up waiting for her for an hour because she was tied up with work. Karmen hence treated him to dinner (which he paid for), and after a series of meetings that were created out of Caleb’s sheer creativity, Karmen began to see more and more of Caleb’s…

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Wheeler's Estate Wedding Event Solemnisation

Steve & Katherine, 28 Sept 19 @ Wheeler’s Estate (Wedding Singer/Live Band Music/Emcee)

Steve & Katherine got to know each other through a volunteering session (one of their common friends had arranged for this beautiful ‘set up’). It wasn’t easy at first, but Steve’s determination finally melted ‘the wall of ice’ around Katherine and won her hands (literally, when he grabbed her hand and said “ey want to steady or not?”).  Congratulations Steve & Katherine on their union! Thank you for engaging Phoebee (vocals + emcee) & Amos (guitar) as your wedding entertainment!…

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Holiday Inn Atrium Wedding Emcee Live Band

Wenqi & Sherman, 28 Sept 19, Holiday Inn Atrium (Changi ballroom) (Wedding Singer/Emcee/Live Band Music)

Wenqi & Sherman got to know each other at work, and bonded through kickboxing classes. As fate would have it, they even won a free room at Regent Hotel at a wedding fair! (The staycation was especially memorable because Sherman took the chance to proposed to Wenqi in the room) Thank you for engaging Khim (vocals & emcee) and Jee Yon (vocals + guitar) for your wedding entertainment, they had a blast! And thank you for the lovely review: Here’s…

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Stanley & Violet, 21 Sept 19 @ Amara Tanjong Pagar

Never say never! Stanley and Violet were colleagues when they first got acquainted, and though they were loggerheads at first, they soon got to know each other better while  working on their department’s offsite. Stanley eventually won Violet over with his persistence (and food), ahead of other suitors, and the rest is history. 😀 Thank you Stanley and Violet for having Yokez (vocals + emcee) and Edwin (piano) perform at your celebration ! We wish you a wonderful marriage life filled…

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Jackson & Jaime, 21 Sept 19 @ Rendezvous Hotel (Wedding Emcee)

Jackson secretly planned his wedding  proposal with the assistance of Jaime’s sister…  But the proposal took place outside of Singapore. Jackson planned for a dinner at Yang Ming Shan, which overlooks the beautiful view of Taipei. Shortly after dinner, they went to the outdoor area of the restaurant and he got down on one knee and proposed to Jaime. Our warmest congratulations to Jaime and Jackson! Thank you for engaging Regine to be your wedding emcee. Here’s wishing the two…

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Parkroyal Pickering William ballroom Live band music singer emcee

Miko & Ben, 14 Sept 19 @ Parkroyal on Pickering (Wedding Singer/Emcee/Live Band Music)

Miko & Ben first met at one of their common friend’s hen’s night! Though they didn’t really clicked at that time, Cupid planted the seeds by sitting the two of  them next to each other on the actual day of the wedding, and that was when they started their first proper conversation. Since that day onwards, they hung out a couple of times and slowly fell into the river of love 🙂 Thank you for having Bevlyn (vocals + emcee)…

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Keppel Club Berlayer Terrace Wedding

Wee Cheng & Xin Ying,14 Sept 19, Keppel Club (Berlayer Terrace) (Wedding Singer/Emcee)

Here’s the view that greeted us when we arrived at Berlayer Terrace! The buffet was a real spread, and it even included a roast pork station : Wee Cheng and Xin Ying also had a real wedding cake, check this out: The wedding luncheon was a relaxing one with live music by Bevlyn (vocals & emcee) and Alex (vocals & guitar)…and Wee Cheng & Xin Ying even arranged for the guests to participate in 2 quizzes! The guests had to…

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Parkroyal Kitchener Wedding Emcee Live Band Music

Benjamin & Jasmine, 7 Sept 19, Parkroyal Kitchener (Wedding Singer/Emcee/Live Band)

Benjamin & Jasmine met each other when they participated in their very first Colour Run together with friends, but coffee was what bonded them as they are both coffee lovers. Thank you for having Phoebee (vocals & emcee) and Melvin (guitar) be your wedding entertainment, we had so much fun! Repertoire Make you feel my love – 1st march-in Perfect Yellow Dance with my father All of me L-O-V-E Have I told you lately How deep is your love Count…

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Wedding Emcee Live Band Singapore Fullerton Hotel

Jason & Wendy, 8 Sept 19, Fullerton Hotel (Straits Room) (Wedding Singer/Emcee/Live Band Music)

Jason & Wendy placed a lot of importance on securing a live band and emcee for their wedding celebration; we feel flattered because they came to us one year before their wedding day to secure Imelda (vocals & emcee) and Sharon (piano) ! Thank you Jason for taking the time to pen this wonderful review for us!!! L-R: Sharon & Imelda May your love bloom forever, and may goodwill and friendship always stay in your marriage! Repertoire 每天爱你多一些 家后 (Hokkien)…

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