Chijmes Wedding Emcee

Eric & Joey, 3 Nov 18 @ CHIJMES Hall (Bilingual Wedding Emcee)

Do you see Chijmes Hall in a completely different light now that you have watched Crazy Rich Asians?? Eric and Joey‘s wedding was not silly at all like the one in the movie; in fact their wedding was such a fun one, because to everyone’s surprise, the couple danced lindy hop to the tune of L-O-V-E (Nat King Cole). Wow! Congratulations Eric & Joey! Thank you for engaging Regine to be your bilingual wedding emcee! L-R: Regine, Joey & Eric

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Chijmes Hall Wedding Live Band Bilingual Emcee

Thomas & Joys, 28 Oct 18, Chijmes Hall (Wedding Live Band & Emcee)

Who would have thought that your future mother-in-law could be your partner in crime for your wedding proposal? That happened to Thomas. Thomas’ proposal to Joys was done on their trip to Melbourne. They had engaged a local tour to the Great Ocean Road and before the trip, Thomas had done the homework of liaising with the guide on where and how he wanted the proposal to happen (on a beach at one of the pit stops). The day arrived…

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Fullerton Hotel Wedding Emcee

Feldman & Minglu, 28 Oct 18, Fullerton Hotel (Wedding Emcee)

Feldman and Minglu had been together for almost 7 years when they finally tie the knots. They met each other while studying in NTU, and though they had decided to be together for the rest of their lives, their decision was tested when they had to pursue their postgrad studies apart for 2 years – one in Barcelona and one in Singapore. But the long distance and the busy school life made the relationship even more cherished! Thank you Feldman…

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Fullerton Hotel Singapore Grand Ballroom Wedding Emcee

Sean & Nerine, 28 October 18 @ Fullerton Hotel (Grand Ballroom) (Bilingual Wedding Emcee)

Sean & Nerine got to know each other as colleagues working in the same branch of the company. They realised that they shared the same interests.. and feelings grew 🙂 Sean proposed during one of Nerine’s birthday retreats overseas, and fast forward to 2018, here they are as man & wife! Thank you Sean & Nerine for engaging Jee Yon to be your bilingual wedding emcee. We wish you loads of joy and happiness! L-R: Nerine & Sean, Jee Yon…

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Park Royal @ Beach Road, Sky Ballroom Wedding Live Band Emcee

Jolene & Edmund, 6 Oct 18, Park Royal @ Beach Road (Sky Ballroom) (Live Wedding Band/Emcee)

Edmund shared that Jolene really loves to take thrilling rides, and so one of the surprises he sprung on her involved bringing her to G-max in Clarke Quay.  He brought her there blindfolded with ear-pieces on. Once they reached the Gmax area, her blind fold was removed, and the next moment she knew it, they were already on the way up the sky!  Here’s wshing Edmund and Jolene plenty of joy and happiness in the ups and downs of life, and…

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Parkroyal on Pickering Singapore Wedding Emcee

Terence & Yvonne, 30 Sept 18, Park Royal Pickering

Terence knew for sure that Yvonne is the right girl for him, ironically, because of a wrong calculation of planning during their holiday in Iceland. He thought that they could save on one night of accommodation (and chase after the Northern Lights) by spending their last night in a car. But there were no auroras, they both ‘froze their ass off’, and yet Yvonne barely complained. “That’s when I knew she’s a keeper.” Terence’s wedding proposal was a complete success…

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Marina Bay Sands MBS Hibiscus Room Wedding Emcee Live Band

Tammy & Weihao, 23 Sept 18, Marina Bay Sands (Hibiscus Junior Room) (Wedding Live Band / Emcee)

Check out how cute Tammy’s hanbok is! No, Tammy and Weihao are not Korean, but they just want to have the Korean element for their wedding celebration 🙂 Thank you Tammy & Weihao for engaging Mary to be your wedding singer-cum-emcee, and Isaac on vocals & guitar. L-R: Mary, Tammy, Weihao, Isaac Congratulations to the two of you, and blissful marriage ahead!   Repertoire: 1. Endless Love (Duet) 2. Tonight I celebrate my love (Duet) 3. Valentine (Martina McBride) 4.…

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Nachi & Clive, 22 Sept 18 @ Sea Scent (Wedding Live Band / Emcee)

Khim (vocals + emcee) & Cheng (guitar) This is not the first time we perform at Sea Scent, but it is our first time performing at the 3rd level. The wedding had an ambience of relaxation in the air because of the classy and intimate decoration ! Check out the place: Nachi and Clive engaged Khim to be the wedding singer and emcee, with Cheng backing her on guitar. Here’s Cheng posing for a shot while we’re setting up the…

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Village Changi Hotel Wedding Ballroom

Angie & Kwan Ming, 9 Jun 18, Village Changi Hotel (Wedding Live Band)

Band: Phoebee (vocals & emcee), Dayvid (Guitar), Selwyn (violin) Is 11 years a long duration for you? It would be, especially if it is part of your growing up years when you experience many changes from adolescence to adulthood. Angie and Kwan Ming dated for 11 years, from a year after they graduated from secondary school, and they never looked back! They opted to have their wedding celebration at the snazzy Village Changi Hotel: L-R: Angie & Kwan Ming Thank…

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Furama Riverfront Wedding

Leonard & Lina, 5 May 18, Furama Riverfront Hotel (Wedding Live Band)

Band: Bevlyn (vocals, emcee), Kevin (guitar), Ivan (saxophone) Thank you Leonard & Lina for entrusting us with their wedding emceeing and live music entertainment! L-R: Ivan (saxophone), Bevlyn (vocals & emcee), Leonard & Lina, Kevin (guitar) And here’s a wedding march-in song that we highly recommend: Repertoire: 1. Beautiful In White – 1st march 2. Eternal Flame 3. Inside your heaven 4. Lost in your eyes 5. Nothing’s gonna change my love 6. Now and Forever 7. You’re still the…

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Singapore Island Country Club Wedding

Golden Jubilee Celebration – 50th Wedding Anniversary, 5 May 18 @ Singapore Island Country Club (Corporate Live Band)

Band: Huibing (vocals & emcee), Jixiang (guitar) The live band was a wedding gift to our golden jubilee couple! 50 years of marriage is definitely worth a splash of a celebration, and the family did just that with around 200 guests at Singapore Island Country Club. Our lovely matron said during the speech that she did not wear a wedding dress when they got married 50 years ago… and this lovely kua was to make up for it 🙂  …

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Blossom Garden Restaurant

Glenn & Zixuan, 28 Apr 18, Blossom Garden Restaurant (Wedding Live Band)

Emcee: Bevlyn Glenn & Zixuan’s love story is nothing short of a Mediacorp plot. Glenn was a motorbike diving instructor at Bukit Batok Driving Centre, and Zixuan took lessons from him. Nothing happened back then, but fast forward 2 years later, they got re-acquainted via some common friends, and things just rolled on from there! Hence it’s not a wonder their wedding photoshoot featured them on snazzy motorbikes like these: Thank you Glenn & Zixuan for engaging Bevlyn to be…

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Andaz Hotel Wedding

Ander & Shermaine, 4 Feb 2018, Andaz Singapore Hotel (Wedding Live Band)

Band: Jiamin (vocals + emcee), Clarence (guitar) It was our first time performing at this brand new Andaz Singapore hotel, and we were stoked. Check out the beautiful ballroom, and the picturesque rooftop for solemnisation ceremonies! L-R: Jiamin (vocals + emcee), Shermaine, Ander, Clarence (guitar) The ballroom with the soft light through the windows…Check out those modern chandeliers! And these delicious-looking cakes by the hotel… And the rooftop for solemnisation…. Don’t you feel like saying “Wow…”? Thank you Ander &…

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Sheena & Justin, 3 Feb 18 @ Mandarin Oriental (Oriental Ballroom) (Wedding Live Band)

Band: Huibing (emcee & vocals), Fatt (One-Man Band) Many good things come out of volunteering, and one of them could be L-O-V-E. Sheena and Justin got to know each other when they volunteered at National Day Parade 2007, and 11 years down the road, they tied the knots! A snap shot of the wedding celebration 5 minutes before it started. And for this performance, we had Huibing singing along to the sound of a full-band (guitar, bass, drums, even piano…

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Jw Marriott South Beach Singapore Ballroom

Kenneth & Baoling, 13 Jan 18, JW Marriott Singapore South Beach

Emcee (Bilingual): Regine This is going to be a post full of photos. We have performed at JW Marriot Singapore South Beach many times now, but we had always thought it a remiss that we did not showcase more photos here on our blog. For a ballroom that keeps our jaw opened every time we see it, we should have done this way earlier: The couple’s wedding photos, and photo/video montages are blown up to fill the whole screen! Check out the…

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Arretha Derren Invite card

Aretha & Derren, 13 Jan 18, Marina Mandarin (Vanda Ballroom) (Wedding Live Band/ Bilingual Emcee)

Band: Moxi (vocals), GX (guitar), Regine (emcee) Thank you Aretha & Derren for engaging Moxi & GX (live band) and Regine (emcee) for your wedding celebration! (Check out their cute invitation card!) L-R: Regine (emcee), Moxi (vocals), Aretha, Derren, GX (guitar) Congratulations to the two of you, have a blessed marriage ahead! Repertoire: 1.      Ed Sheeran – perfect – (First march in) song  2.      John Legend – All of Me –  to perform during the proposal video (1st video after 1st presentation)  3.      James Arthur…

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Esther & Juntat, 13 Jan 18, Banheng (Orchard Central)

Band: Christina (vocals & emcee), Edwin (piano) We have performed at this popular and convenient wedding venue so many times, but this is the first time we are splashing photos here! Thank you Esther & Juntat for engaging Christina and Edwin to be your wedding live band, and we are so flattered to have received wonderful feedback. Thank you for entrusting your wedding entertainment and hosting to us!   (Edwin doing sound check) Repertoire: Beautiful In White * ( march…

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