Jason & Liupin, 18 May 19 @ Skai (Level 69) (Wedding Live Band/Stroller/Strolling)

Here is Jason & Liuping during their 1st march-in with the soft sunlight that permeates the full-length side windows. We never get tired of coming to Level 69 (SKAI) because of the breath-taking view! Thank you for engaging Jixiang (guitar) and Selwyn (violin), one of our instrumental duos for strolling performances. There was a touching moment during the wedding celebration – the couple requested for Jixiang and Selwyn to perform ‘You Raise Me Up‘ as a tribute to a pair…

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Comstor Singapore’s Anniversary Dinner, 11 Apr 09, Equinox (Wedding Live Band)

Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: Pretty World Sometimes our band takes a break from performing to lovestruck couples and sings at corporate functions instead. This involves switching gears, and we need to get used to performing in front of a very different crowd. The guests at Comstor Singapore’s Anniversary Dinner still found time from high-powered networking to appreciate the music from Eleanor, Matthew and Brad, who performed a repertoire of jazz and standards. The trio was so well-received, the organiser asked for…

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Michelle and Bernard, 26 Apr 09, Equinox (Wedding Live Band)

Melissa’s thoughts: It Might Be You Bernard and Michelle’s wedding was an enjoyable one. It was a quiet but cosy affair. There were people who were listening to the music and applauding after every song, which made the band feel very appreciated =) The band also dedicated “(I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons” to the lovely couple of the night. There was also a special performance by Howard who sang “It Might Be You” by Stephen Bishop, very romantic and…

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(Wedding) Lily and Sebastian, 13 Sep 08, Equinox

Clarence’s thoughts: 甜蜜蜜 (Honey Sweet) What an excellent night! A unique blend of local and Korean culture, all brought together by the holy matrimony of Lily and Sebastian. It was indeed a night of fun-filled celebrations amongst relatives and friends, highlighted by a first dance (to Zheng Quan’s performance of Someone Like You), performances by budding singers and ending off with a bang with sing-a-longs on stage. I, for one, couldn’t have enjoyed it more: performing classic and jazz numbers…

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Rane and Delia, 6 Oct 06, Equinox (Level 69)

Bevlyn’s thoughts: Love From High In The Sky When Delia met up with me for her wedding, she was a bit panicky and unsure of her song selection. Her concerns were justified because live music was not meant only for Rane and her, but also for the guests she would be inviting. After discussing with her the general language preferences and music tastes she thought her guests would have, we both agreed that the list she came up with would…

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