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Nigel & Zuoen, 24 Jul 21 @ Four Seasons Singapore (Wedding Emcee)

It was a simple story of Nigel & Zuoen witnessing Bevlyn emcee at their friend’s wedding and decided to engage Bevlyn to be their wedding emcee too!  And now here’s a sneak peak of the reception during set up: So happy to receive this angbao with handwritten words of thanks for their wedding emcee Bevlyn! Our warmest congratulations to Nigel & Zuoen, we wish you forever days of love and happiness in this new chapter as husband and wife! 🙂…

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Azalea room Shangri-la Singapore wedding

Kenji & Penny, 8 Nov 19 @ Four Seasons Hotel (Crescent Ballroom) (Singapore Wedding Singer/Emcee/Live Band)

Kenji & Penny met through a dating app, and their first date was at Changi Airport. Hence it was apt that Kenji’s proposal to Penny happened at Changi Airport too! Thank you Kenji & Penny for engaging Imelda (vocals + emcee) and Benjamin (piano) to be your wedding entertainment! Check out the great mix of songs they’d selected for their guests below! (Click below to view Imelda & Benjamin in action) Repertoire: A thousand years Christina perri All of me…

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Four Seasons Hotel Singapore Wedding Ballroom

Maria & Michael, 17 Nov 18, Four Seasons Singapore (Wedding Jazz Band)

Maria and Michael got engaged at Disney World, Florida, and hence for their wedding at Four Seasons Singapore, they decided to have the Disney theme as part of the song collection:   1st March-in: What A Wonderful World (as featured in Madagascar) 1st dish fanfare: Be our guest (as featured in Beauty and The Beast) 2nd march in: Can You Feel The Love Tonight (as featured in The Lion King) Song dedication to parents: Somewhere over the rainbow (as featured in The…

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Four Seasons Singapore Wedding Ballroom Live Band Emcee

Kok Feei & Pei Shin, 11 Nov 18, Four Seasons (Four Seasons Ballroom) (Wedding Live Band / Bilingual Emcee)

“A new friend yet like a long lost friend who could literally chat up anything.” was how Pei Shin felt about Kok Feei when they first got to know each other. And indeed Cupid must have worked his magic, because they got to know each other on Valentine’s day, albeit at a casual gathering. Thank you for engaging Bevlyn (vocals & emcee) & Sharon (piano) for your wedding! Have a blissful marriage!  Check out the drapes at the Four Seasons…

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Four Seasons Singapore Poolside Live Band

Four Seasons Hotel Management Event, 23 May 18, Four Seasons Singapore (Corporate Live Band/Strollers)

It was a highly anticipated event for the directors of Four Seasons Hotel from different countries to convene for a meeting, and we were flattered to be the selected live band for the prestigious event. We had Justin on guitar and Selwyn on violin to perform for the small crowd of esteemed guests at the poolside and the ballroom. Thank you Four Seasons Singapore for entrusting us to be your live music partner for this event!

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(Wedding) Julian and Eunice, 22 May 2011, Four Seasons

Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: Mambo Swing Photographs courtesy of Inouephotography Band: Hsin Yeow, Lin Hui & Matthew L-R: Hsin Yeow, Eunice, Julian, Lin Hui & Matthew Repertoire: Crazy Little Thing Called Love (1st march-in), Marry You (1st Dish), Now And Forever, Love Of A Lifetime, Love Will Keep Us Alive, 小情歌, 世界唯一的你, 每天爱你多一些, Dream A Little Dream, Fever, So Nice, Quando Quando Quando L-O-V-E (2nd march), 爱拼才会赢 (Dedicated to Julian’s Dad), A Love That Will Last, Wonderful Tonight,爱很简单, 有你真好, 至少还有你, 追,…

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(Wedding) Alvin and Catherine, 15 May 2011 (luncheon), Fours Seasons (Crescent Ballroom)

Ariel’s Thoughts: Built To Last This was a wedding lunch with all the works – which hotel serves Peking duck during pre-banquet reception! As usual, the band, comprising of Ian, Junxiong and me, set up the equipment early. To my surprise, Ian had brought his massive Bose amplifiers to the gig, which contributed warmth to the band’s sound. With a good start to the day, the wedding lunch began with the march-in song, At The Beginning, followed by a good…

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(Wedding) Greg and Erin, 8 May 2011, Four Seasons (Main Ballroom)

Bevlyn’s Thoughts: I’m Yours Greg’s cousins counted among the cheekiest lot on his wedding day. How do I know? By 1 simple song request – “To all the girls I’ve loved before”: I didn’t know how to sing the song, unfortunately, or fortunately so, because that made one of the cousins pluck up the courage to sing this song and dedicate it to Greg. He did not even need a rehearsal, he just stepped up to the microphone, listened to…

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(Wedding) Alexandre and Cheng Teng, 6 May 2011, Four Seasons (Crescent Ballroom)

Bevlyn’s Thoughts: “For Me Formidable” This is another classic example which shows that love holds no boundaries, and in fact Cupid seems to be crossing boundaries more and more these days! Alexandre and Cheng Teng got acquainted a few years ago when he came from Switzerland to Singapore for work. Apparently Cupid had successfully worked his magic on the two of them! Having sung many French songs at weddings, nothing excites (and worries) more than singing them infront of people…

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(Wedding) Jeff and Candice, 19 Mar 2011, Four Seasons

    Band: Huibing, Zhengquan, Ian & Ivan L-R: Ivan, Ian, Jeff, Candice, Hui Bing, Zheng Quan Repertoire: Fallen, Grow Old with You, Bubbly, True, There’s a Kind of Hush, It had to be You, My Cherie Amour, For Your Babies, L-O-V-E, At the Beginning, Lucky, Dancing in the Moonlight, Just You and I, You Belong With Me, Crazy Little Thing called Love, Wishing and Hoping, Happy together, Close to You, I Want to Hold Your Hand, Always You, I’m Yours, Something Stupid…

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(Wedding) Eileen and Liguang, 13 Mar 11, Four Seasons Hotel (main ballroom)

Bevlyn’s thoughts: Saving Forever For You Can you imagine meeting the love of your life when you were only 7 years old? Eileen and Liguang did. They spotted each other in school and had a mutual crush, only to find out later that they were classmates in their Primary 1 class…and they were even seated next to each other!! They shared lunches, and for 6 years in AMK Primary School, a lot of great memories were spun. Seven years later…

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Ronny & Huiwen, 12 Feb 2011, Four Seasons (Main Ballroom)

Bevlyn’s Thoughts: That’s Amore This wedding marks the first time I witness an emcee speaking in Hokkien for more than 80% of the time (the 20% was in English)! Emcee, Eugene, is a good friend of the couple, and hearing him address the guests and explain everything in Hokkien just warmed my heart – I’m happy to say that I understood everything (contextually) he said! The 1st march-in song was a romantic tune called ‘That’s Amore’ and the couple had…

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Francis and Cassandra, 29 Jan 2011, Four Seasons

Imelda’s thoughts: Coming soon! Photos in this blog courtesy of Eulee Band: Imelda & Jordan L-R: Imelda, Cassandra, Francis & Jordan Repertoire: Grow Old With You, I Will Be Here, Can’t Take My Eyes Off You, Love, Me, Close to You, L-O-V-E, Dream A Little Dream, Let’s Fall In Love, Love Will Keep Us Together,  To Be With You, Wishin’ and Hopin’,  Beyond the Sea, I’ve Got You Under My Skin,  Kiss me, Your Song, This is the Day, If, Do…

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Daniel & Weiling, 23 Jan 11 (Luncheon), Four Seasons

Bevlyn’s Thoughts: Beyond The Sea Daniel had to travel a lot for work, hence Weiling heading to the airport to fetch him became a commonality in the relationship. The couple did something incredible to mark this fact down – they filmed down the whole usual process of Weiling dressing up, preparing, and taking transport to meet Daniel in Changi Airport a week before the wedding. It was especially spectacular for the guests, because it was a stop-motion video!!! I like…

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Adrian and Huishan, 14 Jan 2011, Four Seasons

Bevlyn’s Thoughts: You Are My Angel There was a long period of time when I did not perform at Four Seasons. Strangely, I have been coming back to Four Seasons very regularly, life is indeed mysterious! One other mysterious thing is, I kept bumping Yu Hsin from Tinydot Photography at the weddings in Four Seasons! Check out the beautiful photos he took of Adrian and Huishan: Also at the reception to welcome the guests was a white and blue themed layout…

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Ben and Clara, 5 Nov 2010, Four Seasons Hotel

Bevlyn’s Thoughts: Two Words This is certainly a wedding which makes the guests feel very welcome. First off, if you were early and (prob) already hungry, fear not, these gummy bear sweets and all sorts of bonbon were right there to relieve your hungry, or, get your stomach ready for a feast ahead. Guests could write your dedications on slips of specially-made cards which were tied up to ballrooms.. They even had Peking Duck as appetisers right outside the ballroom – WOW!…

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David and Edna, 2 Oct 2010, Four Seasons

Hui Bing’s Thoughts: A Brand New Day David and Edna is really such a fun and sporting couple – this can be seen in the tasks which Edna’s sisters asked David and his brothers to do. It’s the first which I have seen in any morning wedding. An array of coloured hats, sunglasses, costumes were given as props. David and his brothers donned them and gave a hilarious and entertaining performance to the sisters before collecting his bride. One of…

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Shunjie and Maria, 19 Sep 2010, Crescent Ballroom, Four Seasons

Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: Somewhere Over The Rainbow Maria and Shunjie got to know each other when they were studying in Brisbane, Australia. Even though Shunjie seemed the quiet, studious type, he made the first move (good for you!) by sending her an e-mail. Soon, they were having coffee after class and meals all the time. Another ‘excuse’ Shunjie used to spend more time with Maria was to help her with Chinese since she was studying that subject. Shunjie’s efforts paid…

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Pei Joo and Aloysius, 11 Sep 2010, Four Seasons (Wedding Live Band)

Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: It Had To Be You It helps if you have funny friends. To liven up a wedding, I mean. Grace, Pei Joo’s friend of two decades (yes, that’s right, they knew each other in primary school), impressed us all with her language prowess by speaking in impeccable English and Mandarin. At the start of her speeach, she described her friendship with Pei Joo and listed her many positive traits (her generosity of spirit, intelligence, etc). Then she…

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Colleen and Nicholas, 31 Jul 2010, Four Seasons (Wedding Live Band)

Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: 月亮代表我的心 (The Moon Represents My Heart) Some weddings make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. And this was one of them. First of all, Colleen and Nicholas were really friendly and pleasant. Nicholas, especially, took time to chat with him. I learnt that the both of them had flown in from Australia to prepare for the wedding, and brought some of their friends along with them. Nic was also sporting enough go with our suggestion to…

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