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(Wedding) Peiying and Ronald, 4 Jun 11, Grand Park City Hall

Ariel’s thoughts: 爱是不保留 (Unrestrained Love) Weddings are usually unforgettable , and Peiying and Ronald’s wedding reception was even more so for many reasons. I had looked forward to meeting the loving couple after learning of their nine-year courtship, during which both of them had spent two years in a long-distance relationship. One interesting titbit: Ronald had paid for air tickets for Peiying to return to Singapore every six months when she was studying in Perth, even though he was then…

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Hui Ling and Francis, 17 Apr 2010, Grand Park City Hall (Wedding Live Band)

Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: 邂逅 (Encounter) Before Hui Ling met Francis, they were “at peace with the possibility of staying single”. That silly notion was banished the moment they set eyes on each other. There was instant chemistry, which grew to an attraction so strong that both accepted each other’s quirks. According to Hui Ling, Francis compares prices of groceries when making purchases, even if the difference was minuscule. In Francis’ eyes, Hui Ling is a soft-hearted girl who is easily…

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Jamie and Elison, 24 Jan 2010, Grand Park City Hall (Wedding Live Band)

Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: Destiny Exchanging e-mails with Jamie was a delight, because her writing had a very conversational tone; it felt as if I was just sitting in front of her, sharing a cup of coffee and chatting. Jamie: “We were secondary school classmates, and actually dated for a short period during our school days. However, during then it didn’t work out & we lost contact aft we left school. It was until years later that we coincidentally bumped into…

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Kah Onn and Jennifer, 14 Nov 09, Grand Plaza Cityhall (Wedding Live Band)

Bevlyn’s thoughts: Lucky This was a wedding of familiar faces for me. First of, I was welcome by Wei Yang; he was one of the emcees for that evening, and one of our ‘ex-couples’! It seemed only yesterday that we performed for Wei Yang and Geok En exactly one year ago! I also caught a glimpse of James at the wedding (we sang for James and Germaine in July this year) but had no time to catch up with him…

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Junkai and Ziwei, 1 Nov 09, Grand Park Cityhall (Wedding Live Band)

Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: A Fairy-tale Wedding Junkai and Ziwei got acquainted in Junior College. They started off as pen-pals; Junkai was the “angel”, writing letters to Ziwei, aka the “mortal”. Thus began the angel-mortal story. The couple’s wedding was unique in the sense that every song had a specific purpose in relating their love story. Take the first song for instance. It was “Guardian Angel”, and as I started singing, the door opened to reveal a little boy, who walked…

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Gim Cheng and Shang Ping, 28 Sep 09, Grand Plaza Park (Wedding Live Band)

Bevlyn’s Thoughts: Hold My Hand Hold Me Heart During one of their dates at Dempsey Hill, Gim Cheng asked Shang Ping, “So what do you like about me?” In Mandarin, Shang Ping replied with a whole string of adjectives, “美丽,大方,成熟,明白事理,独立” (Beautiful, gracious, mature, wise and independent). In return, Shang Ping asked Gim Cheng, “What makes you fall for me?” Gim Cheng’s reply was shorter, but encompassed much more, “I haven’t found anything in you that I don’t like, YET!” Shang Ping…

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Official Band for Grand Park City Hall’s Bridal Show, 23 May 09 (Wedding Live Band)

Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: Besame Mucho Hi everyone, We’re honoured to be invited to be the official band for Grand Park City Hall’s Bridal Show! Here are the details: Date: 23 May 09 Venue: Grand Park City Hall (formerly known as Grand Plaza Park Hotel) Together with Ein Ein, Brad and Wah Yong, Bevlyn and I will be serenading you with some jazz standards and classic tunes. Do join us if you’re free! See you soon.

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Ivy and Desmond, 15 Dec 08, Grand Park City Hall (Wedding Live Band)

Serene’s thoughts: From This Moment The unique ballroom at the Grand Plaza City Hall catered for a memorable march-in at the banquet of Desmond and Ivy. Friends and family of the couple had a pleasant surprise when they rose and looked towards the back of the ballroom, waiting to catch of glimpse of the couple’s entrance, only to find the couple appearing from the left and right door of the ballroom respectively to Shania Twain’s “From This Moment”, blissfully walking…

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(Wedding) Choon Khai and Kelly, 26 Sep 08, Grand Park City Hall

Bevlyn’s thoughts: 誓约 (Vow) First off, I have to say that Choon Khai spoiled the market. Here’s what he did in preparation for his wedding: 1. Thought of springing a surprise on Kelly for the big day… 2. The surprise was not easy: he penned a piece of lyrics to express his commitment and love for Kelly 3. Attempted to pick up keyboard-playing from scratch in hope of playing the song for her on the wedding day. Having witnessed his…

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Rena and Christopher, 13 Jun 08, Grand Park City Hall

Bevlyn’s thoughts: Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head Not all storms brew trouble, at least not for this one. Here’s how it goes for Rena and Christopher: Rena: “Chris & I met each other through tennis lesson. We were in the same group and from there, we became friends. Though we were in the same group, he didn’t quite leave an impression. It was only during a heavily rained tennis session that I got to see the gentleman in him.…

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