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(Wedding) Dennis and Joanne, 6 Sep 08, Peach Garden, OCBC Centre

Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: The Way I Am Joanne’s sister: I knew something was fishy when Joanne wanted to go jogging one day. I later realised that it’s because Dennis likes girls with slim legs! Joanne’s performance of The Way I Am (by Ingrid Michaelson) will remain etched in my memory for a long time to come. Several things about the performance made it memorable. The fact that it was spontaneous, for one. Joanne mentioned it once to her Hannah, her…

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Oliver and Patricia, 8 Aug 08, Holiday Inn Atrium

Hui Bing’s thoughts: That’s When I Love You It’s another lively and beautiful wedding on this magical and auspicious date – 080808. To start the wedding on a grand note, Oliver and Patricia had their parents enter the ballroom with them during the first march-in. Though this is the not first time I had seen such an entrance, I thought it is really a good idea to involve the parents in the wedding programme, apart from the toasting ceremony. And…

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Camy and Chor Meng, 26 Jul 08, Grand Salon, Sentosa Resort & Spa

Hui Bing’s Thoughts: Beautiful in My Eyes Camy and Chor Meng’s wedding dinner was one of the most memorable weddings that I have performed at. Perhaps it was the many little details that the couple had incorporated in their wedding to make it their own – from the decoration of the ballroom (it was in a stunning black to match Camy’s evening gown), the flower girls that accompanied the couple when they march-in, to the dedications that Camy and Chor…

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Yi Feng and Aline, 20 Jul 08, Conrad

Hui Bing’s thoughts: 我願意 (I’m Willing) Yi Feng and Aline’s groomsmen and bridesmaids were one of the most innovative bunch of ‘brothers’ and ‘sisters’ I have ever seen. In the morning, in addition to the usual ang paos (red packets), the groomsmen were also well-equipped with another gift for the sisters – a leather suitcase filled with bank notes and gold jewellery. All fake of course! And Aline’s ‘sisters’ gave the groomsmen an interesting task to do. They had to…

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Vinny and Brennen, 19 Jul 08, Marriott

Hui Bing’s thoughts: Come Fly With Me “Hi everyone, this is Brennen, your groom speaking. We thank you for taking the time off to attend our wedding and we hope you will have an enjoyable evening with us ahead.” The groom, Brennen, who is a SIA pilot, made this entertaining announcement at the start of the wedding dinner, much to the amusement of his guests. To create better impact, Brennen wore his full pilot attire for his 1st march-in, which…

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Irene and Vincent, 13 Jul 08, Grand Ballroom, Grand Copthorne Waterfront

Hui Bing’s thoughts: Always I think it’s great that more couples are using more creative ways to showcase their love journey to their guests during their wedding dinners – be it a simple powerpoint presentation, speeches or anecdotes shared by friends, or more seen at wedding dinners recently, the use of animation, as in the case of Irene and Vincent. The animation took all of us back in time, as it replayed some of the significant scenes of Irene and…

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Cathy and John, 28 Jun 08, Marriott Hotel, Main Ballroom

Hui Bing’s Thoughts – I Will Still Love You Cathy was one of the nicest colleagues I had worked with – sincere, easy-going, bubbly, and always ready to lend a helping hand when needed, whether it was during work or after office hours. I was really happy for her when I met her then-fiancé, John, as they are really compatible – both are sweet-natured, friendly and have close-knit families. This close family bond was evident when Cathy and John decided…

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Victoria and Choon Boon, 16 Nov 06, Camellia Room, Grand Hyatt

Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: Written In The Stars So how do you know for sure that you have finally found The One? The person with whom you will spend your life loving? For Victoria and Choon Boon, it was written in the stars. But it didn’t start out that way. Their first date, according to Victoria, was rather uneventful. She went on a blind date after being bored of being cooped up at home, then promptly forgot about that “pleasant guy”…

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Peter and Casie, 11 Nov 06, Holiday Inn Parkview

Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: Angels Brought Me Here Peter and Casie Photo taken by Eric Er of Attitude PhotographyWhat I love about wedding singing is the instant gratification. While waiting for the banquet to begin, Casie, the beautiful bride, turned to Hui Bing and said, “I almost cried when I heard you sing! Thank you!” That moment was immensely satisfying for me and the band, because we knew that we touched the hearts of the couple on their wedding day. It…

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Don and Sharon, 28 Oct 06, Gallery Room, Fort Canning Centre

Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: You Mean Everything To Me Don and Sharon were such friendly people that I felt like I’d known them for years, even though we’d never met each other prior to the wedding. Sharon looked lovely that day. Her hair was combed into a towering beehive, which showed off her sparkling tiara to the hilt. We had been corresponding through e-mails since February, so it was exciting just to be able to put a face to the name.…

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Jean and Dave, 6 Jun 06, Amara Hotel

Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: You Are My Raincoat Jean engaged our band as a surprise wedding gift for Dave. Which meant that the band members had to sneak into the hotel kitchen and hide while Dave was in the ballroom. Luckily, we had eaten earlier, otherwise, our stomachs would have growled in protest! Dave, looking surprised and happy, when he entered the ballroom with Jean! I couldn’t see whether Dave was surprised when he and Jean marched-in to the live performance…

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Sharon and Andrew, 19 Feb 06, Rasa Sentosa Ballroom

Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: The Man Who Wasn’t There Although some clients specifically ask for Bevlyn or me for their weddings, we may need to find others because of prior commitments. Thankfully, we have a few excellent singers in our band, including Hui Bing, Jun Xiong, Eleanor and Zheng Quan (ZQ). For Sharon and Andrew’s wedding, I had to call Hui Bing and Jun Xiong at the last minute, due to a family emergency. Although they had less than a week…

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Felicia and Kai, 9 Jan 06, Noble House Restaurant

Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: 出嫁 (Getting married) Performing at Noble House is always a gamble, because the microphones tend to act up. The management should really make an effort to upgrade its sound system or get new microphones because the current ones are on their last legs. Technical problems aside, Hui Bing and I really enjoyed singing for Shan Shan (Felicia) and Xin Kai. It was great to finally meet them after communicating through e-mails — Felicia was planning her wedding…

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