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(Wedding)Dirk and Marion, 28 May 2011, Suburbia (Sentosa)

Renhui’s Thoughts: Weightless The appeal of Suburbia as a place to host both Marion and Dirk’s solemnization ceremony and wedding dinner was obvious. The homey and quaint-looking restaurant that stood away from the everyday hustle-bustle easily lulled its guests into an easy and informal mood – perfect for an intimate evening to celebrate the coming together of 2 lives and 2 families. Accompanied by Jeremy’s rendition of Bruno Mar’s Marry Me, Marion and Dirk’s new unity was solemnized in Suburbia’s…

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(Wedding) Brian and Mandy, 12 May 2011, Shangri-la (Island Ballroom)

Band: Jeremy, Audrey & Ian Repertoire: I Do (Cherish You) (1st March-in), 喜欢你 (Liking You), The Way You Look Tonight, Besame Mucho, Love Me Tender, I Cross My Heart, 爱的路上只有我和你 (You and Me on the Road to Love), More than Words, 每天爱你多一些 (Loving You More Each Day), 出嫁 (Getting Married), Quando Quando Quando, Endless Love, Just the Way You Are, 月亮代表我的心 (The Moon Represents My Heart), All My Life, Come What May, Sometimes When We Touch, 家后 (Queen of the…

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(Wedding) Eric and Amie, 27 Mar 2011, Topaz Ballroom, Sheraton Towers

Band: Jeremy, Shimona, Feri, Fabian L-R: Feri, Shimona, Eric, Amie, Jeremy, Fabian Repertoire: Bubbly, Close To You, Fallen, Kiss Me, You’ve Got A Friend, Heaven, Can’t Smile Without You, You Raise Me Up, I’m Yours, Everlasting Love, Now And Forever, Your Song Tonight I Celebrate My Love (2nd march-in), Just The Way You Are (Bruno Mars), Forever Love, 童话 (Fairytale), 完美 (Perfect), Lucky, Way Back Into Love, So Much In Love Compliments: Dear Hsin Yeow and Team, We would like…

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(Wedding) Alex and Huiying, 13 Mar 2011 (Lunch), One Degree Fifteen (Sentosa)

L-R: Bevlyn, Huiying, Alex, Jeremy & Ein Ein Band: Bevlyn, Jeremy & Ein Ein Repertoire: Can’t Take My Eyes Off You (1st March-in), 麦芽糖 (Malt Candy), That’s When I Love You, Every Day I Love You, Eternal Flame, 有一点动心 (Touched – Just A Tiny Bit), I Love You So, The Way You Look Tonight, Quando, Quando, Quando, Fly Me to the Moon, L-O-V-E, Sway 浪漫手机 (Romantic Handphone) (2nd March-in), Dahil Sa Yo, My way, Can’t Help Falling In Love, I…

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(Wedding) James and Jenny, 26 Feb 2011, Capella

Jeremy’s Thoughts: So you think you can dance?? Capella. One of the best hotels I’ve seen so far, just oozes class all over. Very nice. The perfect setting for a perfect wedding for James and Jenny. It’s not often that you see the whole VIP table empty, that’s because the parents, siblings, best “men” (there were 2!) and bridesmaids led the way during the march in before the couple finally came into the ballroom! It’s also not often that u…

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(Wedding) Lee Sung and Nellie, 20 Feb 2011, Marina Mandarin (Vanda Ballroom)

Jeremy’s Thoughts: All Star Concert ~!!! I’ve experienced one or two guests or the groom coming to the stage to sing with the band but this is by far the first wedding I experienced so many friends and relatives of the bride and groom coming up and to perform for the occasion and boy were they good! And I’m not saying for the sake of it! From as little as age 10 and the other 18, two nieces of the…

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Dino and Sheik Khei, 15 Jan 2011, Resorts World

Bevlyn’s Thoughts: Eternal LoveThis wedding marked our first time performing at Resorts World, and it was indeed something I was looking forward to. In fact, it was my first time stepping into Resorts World! If you have not stepped into the ballrooms at Resorts World, here’s a sneak preview:  Taken from the elevated stage (basically this is our view when we perform hihi, or when you give your speech): Love the starry starry ceiling! They even have a fountain on…

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Oliver and Wendy, 9 Jan 2011, Mercury Ballroom, Furama Riverfront

Shannon’s thoughts: Coming soon! Band: Shannon, Jeremy, Jacob L-R: Jacob, Oliver, Wendy, Shannon, Jeremy Repertoire: Fly Me To The Moon (1st march in), From This Moment, How Deep Is Your Love, It Might Be You, Somewhere Out There, When You Say Nothing At All, 喜欢你 (I Like You), 天天夜夜 (Day And Night), 最浪漫的事 (The Most Romantic Thing), 恋爱频率 (Love Frequency), 爱情电影 (Love Movie), You’re Still The One (2nd march in)

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Clarence and Joanne, 1 Jan 2011, Conrad

Jeremy’s Thoughts: 爱是永恒 (Love Is Eternal) 1.1.11 . A date you will never come across again unless u survive another millennium. A very special day for Clarence and Joanne whom I believe this occasion will stay in their hearts and minds for many years to come. Highlight of the evening for me has to be the march in of the couple. With guards of honour preparing the way for the couple to arrive, it made the event even more majestic…

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Geok Koon and Dixi, 12 Dec 2010, Venus Ballroom, Furama Riverfront

Jeremy’s thoughts: Coming soon! Band: Averil, Jeremy, Feri L-R: Jeremy, Averil, Geok Koon, Dixi, Feri Repertoire: Inside Your Heaven (1st march-in), I Do (Cherish You), A Love That Will Last, Angels Brought Me Here, Dream A Little Dream, 就是爱你 (Just Loving You), So Nice, Quando Quando Quando, The Way You Look Tonight, Tonight I Celebrate My Love, 爱很简单 (Love Is Very Simple), Fly Me To The Moon (2nd march-in)

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Colin and Vanessa, 7 Nov 2010, Straits Room, Fullerton Hotel

Bevlyn’s Thoughts: Don’t Know Much This wedding brings a lot of laughter to me…First off, the 2 emcees were cheerful and upbeat friends of Colin and Vanessa, who knew enough to dig up old memories of the couple. Secondly, bouquet-throwing sessions like this never fails to make the single ladies in the ballroom cringe haha!   When Vanessa told me that she would like to do a duet with her father on ‘Don’t Know Much‘, I was really looking forward…

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Jee Yeong and Yenny, 31 Oct 2010, Mercury Ballroom, Furama Riverfront

Jeremy’s thoughts: 对你爱不完 (Neverending Love) A love story that’s so dramatic that I guess could be played into a movie. A bit like “Going the Distance” if you watched the movie. Jee Yeong pursued Yenny by flying over to Indonesia after first meeting her in Singapore through a common friend. That was how their love for each other started. They had to maintain their relationship by flying over each month just for a few days. However there shall be no…

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Chuan San and Sandra, 22 Oct 2010, Jupiter Ballroom, Furama Riverfront

Audrey’s thoughts: Coming soon! Band: Audrey, Zheng Quan, Eugene L-R: Jeremy, Audrey, Sandra, Chuan San, Feri Repertoire: 给你们 (Give To You) (1st March in), 你是我老婆 (You’re My Wife), For The First Time, 两只恋人 (Two Lovers), At The Beginning, When You Tell Me That You Love Me, 天使 (Angel), 我只在乎你 (I Only Care For You), If We Hold On Together, 世界唯一的你 (The Only You In This World), You’re Still The One, Angels Brought Me Here (2nd March in)

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Celia and Brandon, 2 Oct 2010, Windsor Ballroom, Goodwood Park

Ariel’s thoughts: Coming soon! Band: Jeremy, Ariel, Sharon Repertoire: Fallen, Grow Old With You, Kiss Me, Now That I’ve Found You, My Valentine, Can’t Take My Eyes Off You, Close To You, We’ve Only Just Begun, Dream A Little Dream, L-O-V-E, Sway, Look Of Love, A Love That Will Last, Come Away With Me, Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love For You, Endless Love I Want To Spend My Lifetime Loving You, Tonight I Celebrate My Love, Way Back Into Love,…

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