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Elinus and Evelyne, 8 Mar 06, Four Seasons

Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: 孤单 (Lonely) No More It was a lovely wedding! Evelyne and Elinus looked radiant that day, and we received positive feedback on our performance. It was my first time singing You Raise Me Up, and Every Woman In The World and I really enjoyed both songs! They are going straight into my list of recommended songs, I tell you. I remember working closely with Evelyne on the song list. Initially she wasn’t sure if 孤单北半球 (Feeling Lonely…

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Chris and Jasmine, 27 Feb 06, Pacific Ballroom, Pan Pacific Hotel

Bevlyn’s thoughts: For Better Or Worse After my earlier experience singing in Pan Pac’s Ocean Ballroom, I made certain that the band arrive earlier than usual to accommodate a longer setup time. Strangely though, the sound technician got his act together much faster this time round. Whew! But my joy was short-lived. Singing in the Pacific Ballroom was even more challenging than the Ocean Ballroom, mainly because there was no ceiling speaker above us. All we could hear were echoes…

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Pris and Ealbert, 25 Feb 06, New Majestic Hotel

Bevlyn’s thoughts: So Hip It Hurts! This was the coolest wedding I’d ever been to. Firstly, it was held at the swanky and hip New Majestic Hotel, which was recently renovated. It was so new that we could smell the paint drying on the walls! Honestly, I felt privileged to be singing there because it wasn’t even open to the public yet! There were some hiccups: the sound technician was late and we had to do a very rushed sound…

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Sharon and Andrew, 19 Feb 06, Rasa Sentosa Ballroom

Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: The Man Who Wasn’t There Although some clients specifically ask for Bevlyn or me for their weddings, we may need to find others because of prior commitments. Thankfully, we have a few excellent singers in our band, including Hui Bing, Jun Xiong, Eleanor and Zheng Quan (ZQ). For Sharon and Andrew’s wedding, I had to call Hui Bing and Jun Xiong at the last minute, due to a family emergency. Although they had less than a week…

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Cass and Melvin, 14 Jan 06, Peony-Jade Restaurant

Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: Shanghai Night The 2 Js are a lethal combination. Apart from being blessed with good looks, they are also fantastic musicians. Jon “Saxy” Lim wields his instrument like he’s possessed by the spirit of Stan Getz, while Jon Ang’s fingers fly across the keyboard with consummate skill and ease. Eleanor and I were very excited to work with them for the first time, and I think our enthusiasm showed onstage. We also had fun singing songs like…

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Joey and Hubert, 10 Jan 06, Garden Suite, Oriental Hotel

Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: You’re My Brown-Eyed Girl I received a call from Joey about two weeks before her wedding. Although Joey thought she made the call at the very last-minute, she doesn’t hold the record. It probably belongs to Dominic, whom I sung for last year. He contacted me a mere 3 days before his wedding! Back to Joey. She was really easy-going, and so was Hubert. Hubert had only one request: to sing Brown-Eyed Girl. I hadn’t heard the…

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